Download Mercedes VGS2 Modified CBF to Virgin VGS2 NAG2

The CBF file will help people who have no tools to virgin 7G-tronic VGS2 unit.  If you changed the TCU VGS2 control unit, you can use this vgs2 virgin solution using vediamo.



Years ago I found a bug in 722.9 software, which allows to virginise the VGS2 units without need to calculate “sonderhash” or anything else. It is a reference to diagnostic procedures that are not implemented in the CBF files, but exist in the TCU code. So it is possible to call a normally inactive functions which remove personalization, activation and set transport protection on. To make it easy to use I modified original CBF so that this function can be performed just with one mouseclick.  I use it till now mainly to exchange broken VGS2 with used but good ones.

This solution affects all 2nd generation units (VGS2) with part number A 0335457332. Unfortunately, this “feature” does not work on VGS3 units because their EEPROM memory is double sized and TCU code cannot properly execute internal procedures. So it will not work on 3rd generation units with part number A 0034460310. However, in many cases and cars produced even after year 2008, which was factory equipped with VGS3 you can still use VGS2 as replacement.

To connect with TCU you need to have also normal VGSNAG2.cbf file. So if you have already Vediamo (no matter which version and which MB Star MUX) you just need to replace your vgsnag2.cbf file with modified one and you will be able to bring your VGS2 units in virgin state. After that, to make them than fittable to any 722.9 gearbox, you should flash them with correct software, set right SCN coding and relearn range sensor. All this is possible using Vediamo offline.


Free download VGS2 NAG2 Modify CBF File


This will work on any vgs2 conductor plate. Erasing of personalisation and activation on 7G-Tronic TCU with part number A 033 545 73 32 by Vediamo only. No need to calculate hash or security access.

Using this VGSmod2.cbf file you must be also able to establish communication with TCU by pressing F3 button. It you have no connection – check cables, CAN resistor or interface (MUX).

After you are connected, press F6 button on your keyboard – it should read DTC faults. Than you can press the button safe data.
Do the same with with F7 button.


Credit to from mhhauto.


Here’s the step by step guide to virgin VGS2 TCU with Vediamo

How to Virgin VGS2 TCU Mercedes 722.9 via Vediamo?


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