How to Replace Mercedes W204 VGS3 by the One from W211?

Tutorial: how to replace the transmission gearbox VGS3 TCU of a Mercedes Benz W204 by the one from a W211.


Tools used:



MB Star diagnostic MB SD C4/C5


Main procedure:



Step 1. Renew VGS3

Connect VGS module with CGDI MB.

Renew Mercedes Vgs3 With Cgdi Mb 1

Read this used VGS3, which comes from a Benz W204.

Renew Mercedes Vgs3 With Cgdi Mb 2

Get Erase Password, then erase it.

Read again to make sure it is not personalized and not activated.


Step 2. Flash VGS3

Connect FVDI2014/AVDI/SVCI 2020 to module, run software


E-class / CLK>>W211 (As of 06/2006)>>Gasoline

Go to “Electronic Transmission Control”.

Identification. Same part number in CG MB.

Activate W204 Vgs3 On Mercedes Fvdi 1

Click “MAKE VIRGIN” to load CFF file.

Activate W204 Vgs3 On Mercedes Fvdi 2

When we get VIN later, we can write VIN on “Adaptation”.

Activate W204 Vgs3 On Mercedes Fvdi 3

Then it will become a real module of W211 E-class.


Step 3. Coding VGS3

Connect SD C4 to module, and open DAS.

Go to “Control Unit Version” menu, here coding is NO Value.

Activate Mercedes Vgs3 Driver 1

Development data>>Control unit adaptation>> Control unit adaptation (Variant Coding)>>SCN Variantencoding VGS 73

Select “YE9M” and confirm.

Back to “Control Unit Version” menu,


Actual Values>>Drive authorization

All protection is No.

Activate Mercedes Vgs3 Driver 2

Step 4. Activate

Transmission installed in the vehicle, no feel on gear now.

On DAS, go to

Control units>>Drive>>Transmission>>Actual Values>>Drive authorization

All 4 protections are No, since we use Abrites and CGDI MB.

Activate Mercedes Vgs3 Driver 3

Back to “Transmission” menu.

Switch up the car again.

Go to

Control unit adaptations>>Detach the transport protection of control module ETC, personalize or activate the control module

Activate Mercedes Vgs3 Driver 4

Activate ETC.

Activate Mercedes Vgs3 Driver 5

Switch off the car.

Check Actual Values again.

All Yes.

Activate Mercedes Vgs3 Driver 6

Credits to hesham essam.