Foxflash Mercedes VGS3 Cloning Success

What’s the right procedure to connect Mercedes VGS3 gearbox with foxflash ecu programmer?

Foxflash Mercedes Vgs3 0

Here’s the clue. The main function of this procedure is to write the VGS data from the original faulty VGS3 to a new unit after replacement.

This driver is dedicated exclusively to the manipulation of the EHS number, SCN string and Chassis number. The driver does not clone the control unit. It can be used in case of replacement of the hydraulic unit.

This module only lets you get the coding, or write the coding. You can edit the coding directly from FoxFlash. You can edit the VIN and EHS number and write.

People always use autel im608 for that looks like foxflash is easier to do.

Before you need virgin tcu.. Foxflash cant read full flash eeprom to clone vgs3. You can virgin it using Autel or many other tools on the bench then copy the data from the old VGS3 to the new one and it work well.  What FoxFlash does is to copy the VIN and SCN string that it then writes to the new VGS. All you shall have to do is to do the teach in when it is fitted in the car.



CONTINENTAL TEMIC VGS3 7G Tronic – Mercedes Benz Pinout to Foxflash

Foxflash Mercedes Vgs3 10

Foxflash Mercedes Vgs3 1

Foxflash Mercedes Vgs3 2
Mercedes VGS3 successfully read code with FoxFlash.

Foxflash Mercedes Vgs3 3

Foxflash Mercedes Vgs3 4

Foxflash Mercedes Vgs3 5

Foxflash Mercedes Vgs3 6

Worked well after getting code and also tried the SET CODING option and that allows to edit the VIN, EHS Number and SCN string.

Foxflash Mercedes Vgs3 7

Foxflash Mercedes Vgs3 8

So no need to unlock vgs with foxflash. You can also have Autel Ultra (or other Autel MaxiSys tablets) and Godiag gt100 breakout box to virginize the VGS3 on the bench and you can still program it that way OR use FoxFlash to read the donor VGS3 and transfer the data to the virginized one.

Foxflash Mercedes Vgs3 9

You have to do the Drive Authorization after editing the vin and coding. see step 3 here

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