What’s Launch X431 “X-431 FIX”?

Q:  I just got my Launch X431 PAD VII updated and found there is a new X-431 FIX function. What’s the user name and password of the “FIX”?

Launch X431 Fix 2

What is Launch X-431 FIX?

The X-431 FIX is a professional AUTO REPAIR DATABASE that aims to improve automotive diagnostic and repair efficiency.
It integrates the famous European auto repair database HaynesPro, which includes the ultimate passenger car (CarSET Ultimate Package) and truck package (TruckSET Ultimate Package).

The Launch X431 fix, is a service that Launch has partnered with Motor Information Systems to offer.

It’s repair information linked into the software. It’s a licence for Identifix and use it to help diagnose the fault code.

Launch X431 Fix

That’s what it’s called. X431 Fix. Bottom left button under the code. It is a new function and just came out on the last update.

Only European resellers have Launch X-431 FIX.  X431 EU has recently partnered with Motor Information Systems and integrated the motor information database on X431 EU scan tool platform, this is known as X-431 FIX.

Launch X431 online products and other region dealers don’t have this function.

It has been a very nice addition on Throttle III, X431 Torque, X431 Turbo scanner. You can purchase license on ‘Mall’. They are 799 each.

X-431 FIX feature if for European X431 devices only. It cannot be activated on X431 V/V+/Pro5/PAD5/PAD7 etc global version devices.



How to Get Launch X-431 Fix Function?

3 Ways To Find The X-431 FIX Function On Your Tablet.

How To Get X431 Fix Function 2

How To Get X431 Fix Function 1




Here is a video explains how to use Launch X431 Trottle with X-431 FIX?