How to Activate Heavy Duty License in Launch X431 PAD VII/PAD V?

Launch X431 PAD VII/PAD V not only do gasoline cars but also diesel heavy-duty trucks. Truck software is required to be purchased seperately.

How to purchase heavy duty software?

Software license and heavy duty adapters kit can is available here:
1. 1 Year Heavy Duty Truck Software License (Online activation)
2. 1 set adapters for trucks
NOTE: Software license alone is also available if you have got alternative truck adapters.
Launch X431 Heavy Duty Adapters
How to activate heavy duty license?
After purchase software, go to Local Diagnose StoreCommercial Vehicle (HD) software activation/renewal 
Activate Heavy Duty Software On X431 Pad Vii 2
Press Subscription Renewal Card and follow instructions to complete activation.
Activate Heavy Duty Software On X431 Pad Vii 3
NOTE:  Cannot perform Heavy-duty programming, only diagnosis.