Autel IM508 Renault Kadjar 4A Failed to Read PIN UCH Blank Solution

Here comes the common problem of Renault Kadjar 4A smart card with Autel IM508/IM608 or other tools.
Renault Kadjar 2017 Add key (aftermarket 4a card), i have battery support 14V from another tuning car.

I want to immo status scan, Clear DTC, then ESC,

Go to: Immobilizer – remote Control learning,
Then -> START
Tried to read pin and shows failure
Back to: immo status scan, and then looks like UCH is blank.  It wipes the keys when you read the pin. Now the original key doesn’t work either. 0 cards and UCH unlearned.
Autel IM508 Renault Kadjar
Autel IM508 Renault Kadjar 3
Autel IM508 Renault Kadjar 4
It also deletes the original key. Try once again ‘Add key’ procedure.
Go back to immo status scan, clear DTC and try once again – immobilizer – remote learning – key learning and execute “Add key” procedure.
You need battery support 14V.
And then everything was ok, made dealer key and successfully learned 2 cards.
If failed to do this way, try solution here