Tips to Read and Write VAG DQ200 DQ250 with PCM

Question 1: I cannot read VAG DQ200 grearbox TCU with pcm. Why do I have grey buttons on read and write Have the Same Problem with DQ250.
Pcmtuner Vag Dq200 Read And Write
If you are reading through obd you can only VR read, need to id and request file.
If you read on bench you can read and write eeprom and flash.
Use pinout module 58 in files section. Don’t use colours shown in diagram, use pcm cables by name.
Question 2:
dq200 mqb 2016 cannot be read or written, any idea?
be aware DQ200 (0AM) Is a Virtual Read.
PCM tuner will only Write to a 0AM …you need ori file then perform modifications to file, then write with pcm.
Module58 Temic DSG/CVT transmission wiring diagram:
PCM DQ200 (0AM, 0CW) TCU Pinout
Pcmtuner Dq200 Pinout
PCM DQ250 (02E, 0D9) TCU Pinout
Pcmtuner Dq250 Pinout
PCM DQ500 (0BT, 0BH) TCU Pinout
Pcmtuner Dq500 Pinout
PCM V30 (01J)/ VL300 (01J) TCU Pinout
Pcmtuner V30 Pinout
Pcmtuner V30 Pinout 2
PCM VL381 (0AM) TCU Pinout
Pcmtuner Vl381 Pinout
PCM DL382 (0CK) TCU Pinout
Pcmtuner Dl382 Pinout
PCM DL501 (0B5) TCU Pinout
Pcmtuner Dl501 Pinout
PCM DC0/DC4 Gen2 TCU Pinout
Pcmtuner Dc0 Dc4 Pinout
Pcmtuner Luk Udct Pinout