Free Download and Install ECU Bench Tool Software for MG1 MD1 ME9 here provides ECUHelp ECU Bench Tool software for free download.

Ecuhelp Ecu Bench Tool 1

The software contains 2 parts:

EBT- Amt Bench Service Tool software: read and write ECU via bench and boot mode.

License activated.

ECU Bench Tool allows us to read/write Bosch EDC ECU’s using the TriCore processor on bench without actually opening the lid – which also includes access to the full flash areas (IROM/XROM and EEPROM).

Amt Bst Software

ECUHelp 2.0: check wiring diagram download VR files and tuning files.

Wiring picture: to search and download wiring diagram

Virtual file: download virtual files (Not Free)

Tuning file: download ecu tuning file (Not Free)

ECU Service: DPF EGR REMOVE, DTC OFF  (Not Free)

Ecuhelp 2.0

Ecuhelp 2 Software 1

Ecuhelp 2 Software 2

Ecuhelp 2 Software 3

Ecuhelp 2 Software 4

Ecuhelp 2 Software 5

ECUHelp ECU Bench Tool Software Free Download

Allows network connection. Update online.

Bench mode and boot mode are available.


ECU Bench Tool currently supports:

  • Bench mode: Bosch MEDC17 based on TriCore microprocessor.
  • Bench mode: Bosch MD1 MG1 based on Motorola MPC5777 / Aurix TC2xx microprocessor
  • Bench mode: Bosch EDC16 based on Motorola MPC5xx microprocessor.
  • Bench mode: VAG/VOLVO MED9 based on Motorola MPC5xx microprocessor (Other brands using ME(D)9 are currently not supported, will be added in a future releases)
  • This tool is available as a master only. Flash checksums are included!


Check ECU Bench Tool MG1 MD1 ME9 EDC16 EDC17 full chip list here:


How to Install ECU Bench Tool Software?

Download and extract EBTSetup file above

Ecu Bench Tool Software

Install Ecu Bench Tool Software 1

Run EBTSetup
Accept license agreement
Choose destination location

Install Ecu Bench Tool Software 2

Install Ecu Bench Tool Software 3

Install Ecu Bench Tool Software 4
Install AMT driver software

Install Ecu Bench Tool Software 5
Install ECUHelp 2.0

Install Ecu Bench Tool Software 6
Install Microsoft Visual C++

Connect ECU Bench tool with laptop
Go to device manager, check device is connected

Install Ecu Bench Tool Software 7

Run EBT software from desktop

Now software is ready to use

Install Ecu Bench Tool Software 8

Install Ecu Bench Tool Software 9

Reference video: