GM MDI2 Clone GDS2 No Valid Lease Found Solution

Here comes the solution to GM MDI or MDI2 multiple diagnostic interface GDS2 Sata hard drive (HDD) ‘no valid lease found’ solution.

Gm Mdi2 No Valid Lease Found

2 Possible Reasons:

1) You have changed the time zone

2) You have copied the HDD contents.

Gm Mdi2 Valid Lease 2


1). If you have changed the time zone, change it back, then contact customer service to get GDS2 activated again via Teamviewer. It is free.



For customers who want to backup the GM MDI software, but get the error code “No Valid Lease Found”.

You have to activate GDS2 software again.

Order the online activation service for gm mdi 2 software here.

Activation is done via Teamviewer. No real shipping.

Gm Mdi2 Valid Lease 1