Autel XP400 (Pro) Damaged After OBD Connection Solution

We are told not to connect Autel IM608 XP400 or XP400 Pro with car’s OBD. Otherwise will damage the xp400.

Still some users accidentally connect the xp400 to the car’s OBD and xp400 does not read keys anymore. Is there a chance to fix it?

Repair Autel Xp400 0 solution:

Warranty not covered under that circumstance. Because it is not designed to connect thru the OBD port, that inabilities the warranty.

Cannot Connect Autel Xp400 To Car Obd

Time to buy a new one. The option is to purchase another PCB at the XP400, or purchase a brand new one. Get a new xp400 pro.


However, some experts have worked out a DIY solution. JUST FOR SHARING PURPOSES. You are at your risk. 

They have fixed their burned devices after doing obd connection.

Take it out and soldier on board. Change this component (pcf7991) and it will work again.  The chip can be found inside Opel immo box.

Repair Autel Xp400 1

Repair Autel Xp400 2

It’s better anyway and protects from doing it again. You can’t go wrong like this.

Repair Autel Xp400 3