Can I use PCM as Passthru J2534 for IDS ISTA GDS?

Can i use the PCM–Tuner Interface as a Passthru J2534 interface? For Ford ids, Bmw ista, Vw odis, GM GDS2 etc? has got the confirmation from PCM team. It is a Yes but you have to test on your side.

It’s a scanmatik 2 pro (SM2). It installs as scanmatik interface so any software that works with scanmatik as passthru will work.

It works with VW Audi, GM, MB, BMW ISTA. PCM team has tested before. But you need to test again.

Our customers made tests with Canclip, Techstream, Odis 7.2, Xentry passthru with VM Diagbox 9 and Vida 2014d. Didn’t check full functionality but for connection was ok. only CanClip required some registry changes. (Check here)

One of our customers test on GM GDS2, it is not a big problem.
VAG ODIS can work with pcm tuner too. engineer has tested the pcm with techstream v17.00.020 without issue. You are free to test with Ford ids, Bmw ista, VW o-d-i-s etc. It is a bonus feature. We are not responsible for the damage.

But when you do that, you need to choose pcm driver. So our pcm can start work.


Example: Test PCM–Tuner with Toyota Techstream 

Here we tested with version 17.00.020

Install PCM driver

Driver can be downloaded on the official website or here

Use Pcmtuner With Techstream 1

Use Pcmtuner With Techstream 3

Run Techstream, if it asks for activation, click No

Go to Setup- VIM Select

Select Interface as SM2-USB (scanmatik 2) and save

Use Pcmtuner With Techstream 4

Use Pcmtuner With Techstream 5

Use Pcmtuner With Techstream 6

Run Techstream patch

Use Pcmtuner With Techstream 7

Use Pcmtuner With Techstream 8

Use Pcmtuner With Techstream 9

We found version 17 is not very stable with pcm interface. Sometimes will report communication errors. You are free to test other versions.

All techstream versions and patch can be downloaded free on our blog. Search and go.

Video reference:


Example 2:

tested working with JLR SDD

Using pcm as passthrue scanmatik.

it’s possible make it work offline.

You just need a usb flash and another computer.

Pcmtuner Jlr Sdd 1 Pcmtuner Jlr Sdd 2 Pcmtuner Jlr Sdd 3


Example 3:
Test working with Renault CAN Clip

Example 4:
Test working with Nissan Consult III Plus