How to Set up Renault Clip with Passthru J2534 Interface?

Is it possible to use Renault can clip via Passthru interface? Which device passthru do you recommend? Whats modifaction we have to do?

Yes, it is possible. You need to trick Clip into believing your passthru (j2534) vci is an Alliance VI probe.

There might be multiple ways of doing this, but the simplest that I have discovered is to set “Vendor”=”79B” and “Name”=”1B” on your passthru registry settings in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PassThruSupport.04.04\<VCI>.

We recommend creating a new vci entry by exporting from the registry and editing the reg file.
People have used DrewTech Cardaq Plus, Ford VCM2, VAS5054, Daf VCI, scanmatik and PCMtuner. Communication with some ecus has glitches, but most work alright.
Renault has the multimedia CAN bus on OBD pins 12 and 13, so you most likely will not be able to access ecus on that bus, unless your vci is able to route a second CAN channel to those pins. If you really need access to that bus, you can make yourself an adapter cable and redirect the CAN pins by intercepting the passthru api calls.

This might be very useful to a lot of people.


People have tested some j2534 cables with CLIP. Some worked, some failed.

Can Clip V202 is the best version so far, some versions have activation issues (i.e v205), could not make it work.


VXDIAG J2534: Failed

I have try with VXDIAG interface on Megane 2015, it detects the interface and also detect the car very fast,
but after enter the network test the software crash, something about CAN1 ,, CAN2 etc error.

The error comes from AcqBoardJ2534Adapter.dll and it was on Clip 198.

VXDiag supports Can / Can PS but does not support Can CH1 / Can CH2, the firmware is too old for Clip and the new RSN interface.

VCX Nano will not work interface is limited by licensed.  It is not recommended as passthru for CLIP.



Success.  VXDIAG now released Renault specific driver for CAN CLIP. Both vcx nano and vcx se.

Don’t change the registry, but install Renault driver instead.

Support Renault Cars from 2005-2023. Don’t work on older K-lines before 2005.

Vxdiag Renault Driver


OBD2 VCM2: it Works

I am using VCM2 and it works fine.

You can use any version of vcm2 you need to rename in the 1B / 79B registry. The clip I use v202 works fine


Scanmatic2 Pro original: Yes, 100%

Scanmatik 2 saves entries in the registry so it should work, I tried on the original passthru and it worked very quickly.


PCMTuner: Success

Can Clip pass thru goes good with pcmtuner. It works no issue. It is actually a Scanmatic2 pro.

win10 work but on old xp can’t run for now. Makes change in vendor and name but keep the registry backup just in case

Pcmtuner Renault Clip Passthru

Openport 2.0: Yes.

both original and clone Openport 2.0 works without problem.

Feedback 1). I managed to get it to work even without the car. It now works with my chinese Tactrix Open Port 2.0 J2534 cable.  Using CLIP V202.

Feedback 2). working fine with openport tactrix clone and v213 reprog v192 and working really good

Tactrix Openport  clone is a cheaper solution, as the Vxdiag licence may have issues after you modify the Registry files.

GM MDI2: Need luck

it should work fine with GM MDI2 Original.

you are making changes only in the registry, nothing on MDI2.

make sure you backup the registry file before making any changes.

or the best way is to do it on a vmware machine



Drewtech Cardaq-M pass thru: Yes, works

I tried my Cardaq-M with method above, and it worked.

OK, I exported my cardaq registry entry from list of pass thru adapters and edited reg file in notepad.

Changed registry key name to “Renault Cardaq”

Changed vendor to “79B”

Changed name to “1B”

Then imported the new entry into registry.



VAS 5054a: Yes

If yours Vas 5054 driver is installed ok,Clip software is choosing the interface.You did not have to do ANYTHING.For sure you did not succeed all steps for installing vas driver.
Do not expect for vas 5054 to work on same windows with xentry,because are using different setup. Xentry is using Vas 5054 as Passthru ,Clip do not.

What you can do is:
1 35 gb new partition for windows
2 fresh windows 11 64 bit (can be windows 10/64 bit)
3 net framework 2.0(3.0,3.5 with)
4 winrar
5 driver for vas
6 clip install.



Godiag GD101 / VNCI J2534: Yes

Here is VNCI j2534 Nano new registry entry for win 10×64 to run on CanClip. Fits godiag j2534 as well.

How to Set up Renault Clip for Godiag J2534 Interface?



BUT the best and most economic interface for Can Clip so far is,

Full Chip Renault Can Clip with Original chipset AN2135SC/AN2131QC