How to Read ISN from 2008 BMW 535i MSD80 DME?

Car model / year/ DME: 2008 BMW 535i, want to install used MSD80


Question: How to read ISN from DME ? And how to read/write ISN to current CAS?



Option 1. Easiest was is to clone with original tools like ktag, flex or trasdata. That ecu is tricore password protected so you need better tools to read isn from it. Find someone local to you for the job.


Option 2.  BMW specific key programming devices, CGDI, Yanhua ACDP, Autohex, VVDI BMW

check: Read/Write MSD80 MSD802 with VVDI, CGDI, Autohex or Yanhua ACDP


Option 3: CG AT-200 will do the job in some minutes.

Cg At200 Ms80 01

Watch this video tutorial on how to use CG AT200 to read write BMW MSD80 ECU and Clone Module offered by

Good to know:

CG FC200, the upgraded version of AT200, comes with full authorization of AT200. And of course it can also read ISN from 2008 BMW 535i MSD80 DME, as well as more. So it is worth the money to have a try.