AT-200 Read and Write BMW B38 ISN on Bench

AT-200 ecu programmer & ISN code reader supports over 1280 ECUs, including BMW MSV90,MSVD85, MSVD85.1,MSVD85.2, MSVD87, MSVD87.2, N13, N55, N20, B38,B48 etc.

Here’s the guide to read and write B38 ISN using AT-200 on bench.

1) Read ISN

2) Modify ISN

3) Module cloning


Part I: Normal way (following the wiring diagram to connect)

At200 Bmw B38 Isn 1 At200 Bmw B38 Isn 2

At200 Read B38 Isn 1

In AT-200 software, select BMW model and Engine ECU type

i.e Select BMW 1 series 116i B38815A 109 Bosch MEVD17.2.K TC1793

Choose Bench mode

At200 Read B38 Isn 2

Check wiring diagram

At200 Read B38 Isn 4 1

Connect ECU with AT200 via tuning adapter follow the wiring (adapter comes with the at200 programmer)

At200 Read B38 Isn 3

At200 Read B38 Isn 4

Identify ECU type

At200 Read B38 Isn 5

Press Read ISN

At200 Read B38 Isn 6

Read ISN successfully

Select Write ISN

At200 Read B38 Isn 7

Manually enter new ISN value and press OK to continue

At200 Read B38 Isn 8

Write ISN successfully

At200 Read B38 Isn 9

At200 Read B38 Isn 10

Module cloning (clone ECU)

Press Read Dflash 

At200 Read B38 Isn 11

Save Dflash data

Select Read Pflash

At200 Read B38 Isn 12

At200 Read B38 Isn 13

Reading  pflash in process

At200 Read B38 Isn 14

Save Pflash.



Part II: Easier way to read B38 with AT-200: (using easy cable set)

MOE B38 N13 N20 N52 N55 MSV90 adapter  is required.

At200 Bmw B38 Isn 4

Connect B38 adapter set with AT-200 and 12V power adapter

At200 Bmw B38 Isn 5

At200 Bmw B38 Isn 6

In AT-200 software, select BMW->BOSCH MEVD17.2.3 TC1793_B38

Press Platform

At200 Bmw B38 Isn 7

You can check wiring diagram to connect as Part I above if don’t have B38 easy cable set.

At200 Bmw B38 Isn 8

Press identification

Then Read ISN

At200 Bmw B38 Isn 9

Read ISN code success.

At200 Bmw B38 Isn 10


Check AT200 ECU list