Which BMW ICOM Next Clone is the Best?

Main benefits of an ICOM from our perspective:
1. Wireless diagnosis connection
2. Ease of use in a shop with multiple active connections
3. Self-hosted DHCP server for ethernet programming

Bmw Icom Next

There are several ICOM Next clone multiplexers available in obdii365.com, which one of them is the best?

SP269 Out of production
SP269-1 ICOM Next from a different manufacturer
SP269-B (SP269-BS) ICOM Next from a different manufacturer
SP269-B1 (SP269-B1S) Best quality ICOM Next clone. clone from original ICOM Next, best chip. fiber programming, faster speed, support older vehicle pre-2000. can do motorcycle as well.
SP269-C (SP269-C1) ICOM Next from a different manufacturer, cheaper, out of production.
SP269-D ICOM Next using VXDIAG Solution, based on VX Manager driver, cheapest ICOM Next


All other ICOM Next clones are discontinued due to lack of chips.  Only SP269-B1 (and its software package) and SP269-D (its software package) are available.

Both have WiFi connection.

Both firmware can be updated.


ICOM Next clone SP269-B1 PCB

Price: $349 – $399

Bmw Icom Next Sp269 B1 1

Bmw Icom Next Sp269 B1 4 Bmw Icom Next Pcb 2 Bmw Icom Next Pcb 1



Some positive reviews:


ICOM Next is faster than the old bmw icom. It is also better built IMHO.
And Next is WIFI available also.
It handles multiprogramming and coding quite nicely.
Gets the job done much faster if flashing the complete vehicle.
Another benefit to Next will be compatibility for future cars.



I have icom next clone it works perfectly didn’t faced any issues.



My Chinese NEXT is working for more than year and everything is OK so far. I paid much more for it , but ye you get what you paid for.



It’s very good, the only thing you have to know it is the caps for usb enet etc, they won’t be really helpful bc they open all the time, However the quality is very good, enet cable is very long, OBD cable is very durable. Like it so much.



My old icom A2 burned with long hours connectied by accident.But this ICOM Next seems to work well with a Heat dissipation



Wifi connection is strong and stable, also the lan cable is work fine, 10 meters long enough. It is easy to make programming transmission control module EGS of BMW.



ICOM Next clone SP269-D

The advantage of this icom next is that the VX Manager can detect the device connection status.  And it is much cheaper then SP269-B1.  If you do want to keep it, then have a read on that website from where you downloaded VX Manager, you need to run other software before it will EMULATE an ICOM.

It takes $269 only with HDD.

Bmw Icom Next Clone Sp269 1

Bmw Icom Next Clone Sp269 2

For those with the Icom Next clone with VCXDoIP:

It’s a very powerful tool that can emulate all sorts of diag hardware for BMW, VAG, GM, BENZ, Porsche…

No need for DHCP server or router, it’s build in.

– Firmware update 1.49 is available via VXManager.

– For connection with ista-p you need to download BMW ptt driver from VXDiag, start Pass-Thru app in VXManager and emulate by loading dll. Make sure its set to SAEJ2534

– For connection with ista-d you need to set connect via icom/ethernet local network in ista settings.
If your license is valid you can also use cloud software

– For connection E-sys sometimes ZGW is not detected on first try, select connect via icom/ethernet tcp://<icom ip adress>:50160 than close connection. Now ZGW is available and connection can be made via vin or gateway url.

Fix Ista Does Not Connect To Icom Next 10

How to Update ICOM Next clone firmware SP269-D?


The ICOM Next choice would be Original ICOM Next > ICOM Next SP269-B1 > ICOM Next SP269-D



All BMW ICOM A2/ICOM clones are discontinued. 

There are 2 ICOM replacement.


Vxdiag Vcx Se 1

VCX SE BMW vs ICOM Next Clone


  • The cost of the vcx se adapter is much lower than icom next, which is of key importance, for example, when buying for personal needs or small car service.
  • The adapter is much smaller than the ICOM while maintaining the baud rate, it can be carried in your pocket.
  • The vcx se does not need different adapters for E and F / G series like ICOM Next
  • VCX SE BMW is compatible with the original ISTA+ (latest version), ICOM Next clone may not.
  • VCX SE does not support Motorcycle, ICOM Next does.
  • VXDIAG uses VX Manager to detect device connection status which is a good idea, ICOM Next does not.
  • VXDIAG can be enabled with DoNet remote diagnosis, ICOM Next cannot.



  • Works with all series E, F, G and I.
  • Performs full vehicle diagnostics, erases errors
  • Encodes factory options
  • Programs all available modules (updates software)
  • Works with Rheingold, ISTA +, ISTA D, ISTA P, E-SYS programs , INPA, WinKFP, Tool32, NCS Expert.
  • Both allow firmware update


2. Super ICOM Pro N3+

 Super ICOM Pro N3+ comes to replace the ICOM Next series. 

Super Icom Pro N3 Plus 4

Super ICOM uses different housing comparing icom series. It adapts original icom solution. Users are allowed to download firmware file from original ICOM server to run firmware upgrade.

It is fully compatible with ICOM software ISTA-D, ISTA-P, E-sys, INPA, WinKFP etc. Super ICOM can also be used as DoIP and J2534 passthru device thru the one-key switch button.

Super Icom Pro N3 Plus Pcb


Here comes the comparison between Super ICOM N3+ and ICOM next.

2023 Super ICOM Pro N3+ vs BMW ICOM Next