Yanhua Simulator Chip Failed to Work on 35160WT Solution

User feedback: Yanhua YH35XX Programmer + Simulator Chip works perfectly with 35128WT (mileage reset), but does not work with 35160WT. How to solve the problem?


Yanhua chief engineer replied:

If the 8th pin of the 35160WT chip is 5V, you need another emulator chip, which is compatible with both 35128WT and 35160WT.

Yanhua Simulator Chip 03     Yanhua Simulator Chip 08

Yanhua Simulator Chip 05Yanhua Simulator Chip 04

***for the regular 35xx simulator chip, it also works with both 35128WT and 35160WT, but not the 8th pin of the 35160WT chip is 5V.

Yanhua Simulator Chip 01Yanhua Simulator Chip 07

For convenience, it is recommended to use the regular emulator chip for 35128WT and new emulator chip for 35160WT.

Yanhua 35160wt Chip

bigger simulator chip for 35160WT reading and writing is also compatible with Yanhua YH35XX Programmer.

i.e 6WB 2016 and 35160WT virgin success

Yanhua 35160wt Mileage Reset 1

Yanhua 35160wt Mileage Reset 2

35160WT simulator chip share the same operation with the regular one, check the detail guide here