Free Download Ford IDS 122.01 + FJDS 121+ Mazda IDS 122.01+ FDRS 28.6.3

Free download Ford IDS + FJDS + Mazda IDS + FDRS

No password

Works with VCM2 / Vxdiag vcx nano Ford/ other J2534

Software including:

FDRS  28.6.3

FJDS 120.01

Ford IDS V121.06 V121.07 V122.01 V122.02

Mazda IDS V122.01



Question: Where to download the patch for IDS & FJDS?

Answer: The patch you’re using comes from an old version of the software.

Ford has changed its way of getting file from the server since ( i think ) v114 or v115. That means you won’t be able to access all the “online” functions with a patched software. You need the real license.
You can still put files directly into the calibration folder manually and use it offline.


Here is the IDS patch free download, you can try it at your own risk:


Question: Does this version work with VCMII clone? VCMII version SP177-C.

Answer: Yes, with an official license.


Question: All of them can be installed on the same OS? Ford with Mazda…

Answer: No, need to use a different Windows.


IDS-Integated Diagnostic Software. IDS provides complete dealership level vehicle diagnostic coverage for all 1996 to select 2018 Ford, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles. IDS requires the use of Ford diagnostic hardware including VCM, VCM II, and VCMM devices. The IDS software license includes time-based access to the IDS software, software updates, calibration files.
Ford Ids 01

FJDS-Ford J2534 Diagnostic Software provides module reprogramming software that covers 1996 to select 2018 Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury module reprogramming functions, plus complete dealership level diagnostic software for all 2018 to present Ford and Lincoln vehicles. FJDS is designed for use with J2534 compatible Vehicle Communications Interfaces (VCI) including Ford diagnostic hardware (VCM II, or VCMM). The FJDS software license includes time-based access to the FJDS software, software updates, and calibration files.
Ford Fjds 02

FDRS -Ford Diagnostic & Repair System next-generation factory Ford Motor Company vehicle diagnostic Software designed for use with VCM II, VCMM, and J2534 compatible VCI. FDRS provides complete dealership-level vehicle diagnostic coverage for some 2018 and forward vehicles. FDRS provides superior capabilities, is more user-friendly, and provides more diagnostic tools than IDS. The cloud-based system ensures the technician is provided the latest software every time FDRS logs into the Ford network.

Ford Fdrs 03

Hope it helps!