GM MDI GDS2 Not Connected Solution

I bought a Chinese GM MDI, I have a problem with my gds2 software I think, every time I use gds2 to connect to the mdi, it goes from red to yellow to green and then it disconnects saying not mdi found.


How to fix this problem?

  1. I have 2 mdi clone several years and whenever I have had a problem that does not connect is the mini usb of the mdi, check it and if you can change it and possibly everything works.


For instance Java issue is coming because you have not installed the Java or GDS2Java.
Also check if you have Tis2web installed.
You need Windows 7 ot 10 X86 or X64 and latest GM MDI installed. GM MDI has to be seen in the Manager.
Also you have to have latest VC++ and latest net.framework installed to be sure.


In a simple word:

Your windows system is missing something as:

– windows updates

– VC++ ( install all from 2005 to 2019 )

– Net.framework ( at least v4.0 the v4.8 is better )

– Java ( v6.26 or v7.17 if your are planning to use Global Tis ) or the latest if you will use Tis2web


More operation guide here:


Hope it helps!