ETKA 7.4 Feature has expired (H0041) solution

ETKA 7.4/7.5 Electronic Catalogue online for Audi/VW/Seat/Skoda pops up error “Feature has expired (H0041)”, how to solve?


Error message:

Sentinel HASP Protection System Feature has expired (H0041)


Easy solution to fix “Feature has expired (H0041)” :

Free download VAG ETKA dll files

Then Etka 7.4/ 7.5 works again after copying 2 DLL

* Ps. Test on win7 pro x64 if it doesn’t work for ETKA 7.5



ETKA catalog software works normally:

ETKA-works-fine (1) ETKA-works-fine (2) ETKA-works-fine (3)

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