Xtool iOBD2 reader scanner review on Nissan cars

Hush to write this review on XTOOL iOBD2 scanner, to express my gratitude for obdii365.com sales girl’s kindness when i purchase and use this. (No affiliation with this vendor)


This is XTOOL iOBD2 connector i got from China.





Reasons for this:

1- cheap ($55) but original, thus quality is guaranteed

2- support my iphone and wifi available

3- basic diagnosis are all ok

4- easy operation for our DIYers


I used Iphone 4s to work with the tool. ( the vendor say this Apple IOS products are all ok to work with this iOBD2, iphone, ipad, ipod, IOS to 9.0 all ok. )


Easy operation to turn off the engine light.. My operation is here as follows:

The engine warning light is on.

Connection XTOOL iOBD2 reader on Nissan obd port, and then open iOBD2 application.


-> diagnosis

Xtool-iobd2-nissan-engine-light-off (2)

-> trouble code in the function list, and pending codes P0100 and P0110 displays:

Xtool-iobd2-nissan-engine-light-off (3)

Xtool-iobd2-nissan-engine-light-off (4)

See the Nissan engine

Xtool-iobd2-nissan-engine-light-off (5)


Xtool-iobd2-nissan-engine-light-off (6)

Xtool-iobd2-nissan-engine-light-off (7)

the engine light current status

Xtool-iobd2-nissan-engine-light-off (8)

-> clear trouble codes

Xtool-iobd2-nissan-engine-light-off (9)

The conditions are nort met. The DTCs have not been cleared

Xtool-iobd2-nissan-engine-light-off (10)

-> Iso 9141-2 iso mode

Xtool-iobd2-nissan-engine-light-off (11)

Again, press on clear trouble codes

This time, clear trouble codes have been completed

Xtool-iobd2-nissan-engine-light-off (12)

-> Iso 9141-2 iso mode

No trouble and pending codes. And the engine warning light turns off

Xtool-iobd2-nissan-engine-light-off (13)