OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Toyota Simulator Keys Back to Work !!!

Breaking news !!!  OBDTSAR X300 DP Plus new Toyota V32.37 software has released to make it compatible with simulator card 1-4.  These emulators were cancelled before because of the server breakdown.


With these simulator keys,  users are allowed to program following type of Toyota smart keys when all keys have lost. 

Emulator key 1 for Toyota smart key 94/D4 type

Emulator key 2 for Toyota smart key 98 type

Emulator key 3 for Toyota smart key 88/A8 type

Emulator key 4 for Toyota smart key A9 type

Obdstar Smart Key Emulator 4

*These simulator keys are cancelled products.  For people who have bought the emulators, update your x300dp plus Toyota software and use them again.



Some FAQs about the OBDSTAR simulator keys:

Q: This can work with obdstar x300 pro3?

A: No, these emulator keys work with X300DP Plus (key master dp plus) only.



Q: What about the people who ordered the P001 with the 4 emulators but only received the yellow one, will you send them the 3 missing emulators?

A: Only the simulator card 1 (yellow one) is available in x300dp plus default package. If need other emulators, please purchase here.



Q: Where can i buy these emulators? Does it come with the x300dp plus?

A: The emulators can be purchased desperately.  OBDSTAR release a new all-in-one Key SIM emulator to replace these older ones, as the LKE to Lonsdor K518 or KC501 to Xtool.

Obdstar Key Sim Emualtor

With the Key SIM simulator key, you can

  • Collect 46, 4D key data
  • Calculate Porshce (2205-2010), Hyundai/Kia ID46 pin code online
  • Generate smart key for Toyota/Lexus 4D (94/D4, 98), H (88/A8, A9, 39) chip



Q: ksim (key SIM)works or doesn’t it work or do you have to buy the 4 emulators plus the ksim?

A: Key SIM is designed to replace the other 4 emulators. If you buy the new Key SIM, you are not necessary to buy other emulators.



Q: Key SIM works with cars of 2017-2020???

A: For 4D 46 data collection and ID46 online calculation function, yes.

For Toyota 4D H smart key, if obdstar can read EEPROM data, it will do newer Toyotas.



Q: Does that mean that with this update all emulators will now work with vehicles from all countries? because before they only worked for vehicles from Asia

A: These emulators can be used to generated H chip smart key for Middle east and American Toyota .

But with the new OBDSTAR Key SIM emulator, it supports Toyota from all countries. 

Obdstar X300 Dp Toyota


Q: Where do we get the key sim?

A: The new KSIM emulator is available here




Q: Key master 5 Can do with key sim?

A: Yes, KSIM can used to work with x300 dp plus (key master dp plus) and x300 pro4 (key master 5)



Video reference:

An example on programming 2016 Toyota Camry smart key AKL using emulator