How to config jlr sdd to see cardaq device as passthru?

Topic: the method to config jlr sdd to see the cardaq device as passthru.


1.Installiruete your own AVDI. Connect passthu; VAS6154 passthru, MDI 1.2,(Set at startup GeneralMotors -J2534 config APP -PASSTHRU Start and enter your interface number and click accept.)…………
2. Launch the JRL SDD label.
3 Enter the settings, system information, VCI status – details,
select Choose your passthru device
2 – press to select the device.
wait to see it and turn green
Click ok and return to the start menu … usb turn off and on again connect to the car in the interface program will turn green and will see the voltage and the battery click on automatic reading and Hooray works.


Where to find the GeneralMotors -J2534 config APP?

You do not need an opel program or tech 2 to use the MDI device, you need to have a program to install the MDI interface, you can download it from the official Bosch website. Procedure download from the link
1. install on your laptop.2 If you are using MDI1 you have to put batteries in it to complete the radio. for MDI2 you don’t need it.
3. Connect to the laptop device and connect to the obd2 car. wait until the device is installed (approx. 3-5 minutes) 4. run the GM MDI MANAGER program. It will see your device at the bottom right of the connect option click. you will see if you are looking for a software update. if the search makes an update and you see your device flashing, don’t interrupt until it’s done5. Go to the windows start menu. find the Generals motors program, open the GM MDI Software / J2534 Config APP (MDI) program and run the program.
6. Device configuration enter your interface number China Art. 22129579 if it is a Chinese device you always choose MDI don’t choose MDI2 because it won’t work. click on apply and click on office. Close the program. Run JLR further according to the first instruction.