How to Change iprog Clone Serial Number?

In Chinese Iprog you can change the serial number using the program.
But only to those numbers that are indicated in the scripts.
In all other cases, firmware is used.

Updating the device for the ability to change the serial number with scripts directly from the program.

Download the program for updating

The only thing in device manager is to install the COM4 port for the updater. In order for the program to see IPROG.

and the update itself fw130sn.bin

Then we upload the update to the programmer. We reload, and the device has the opportunity to change the serial number using the script directly from the program.

Change Iprog Serial Number 01




In order to change the serial number to absolutely any, I made two buttons on my boards. To enter the processor in BOOT and flash the programmer via USB.
I will make firmware for the desired serial number to the buyers of the board. And also for other numbers which they ask.

Change Iprog Serial Number 02

Change Iprog Serial Number 03

Change Iprog Serial Number 04

For example:

I have iprog firmware and programs for different serial numbers.

This is my first iprog in the photo. Then I programmed it under 35 serial number.
He was still on two circuit boards.
In the photo, for example, I programmed serial number 35.

Change Iprog Serial Number 05

Change Iprog Serial Number 06