Ferrari F430 Code Reader Recommendation with Activation /Reset Function

Question: have 2005 Ferrari F430, looking to purchase a code reader that can do more like activation or reset items.


Experienced users’ recommendation:

Higher end units
Autel maxisys
Autoenginuity .. must but Ferrari (supercar) package

X431 launch pro:

Make sure you get it from launch or a distributor of lanuch, the pro mini is probably the best value.

Less capable …

Autel ap200 ..this is a great one car choice for around 60 activation or coding .. has reset functions and some maintenance functions

Foxwell NT530

You can use Google search with terms above and you will get all discussions on that .. definitely worth the time to search and read .


Look at the above tools’ car list:

(Credits to engineer)


  1. Autel maxisys Ferrari car list

Autel Maxisys Ferrari 01


  1. X431 launch pro car list:

X431 Pro Car List 02


  1. Autel ap200 car list:

Autel At200 Ferrari 03


  1. Foxwell NT530 Ferrari car list:

Foxwell Nt530 Ferrari 04



Price & capabilities: Autel maxisys > X431 launch pro mini> Foxwell nt530 ($189)> Autel ap200 ($60)


For only Ferrari F430, you are highly recommended Foxwell nt530 scanner, which is cheap and performs trouble code reading, active and reset functions.