Kess V2 Clone – Safe to Read/Write ECUs thru OBD?

The problem with some ECU’s, is that you can’t read them over OBD (except on some original/high priced tools) and for that reason you may need KTAG to read a full BDM, unlock TPROT (if it’s available), write the modifications back with KTAG and then you can use KESS over OBD to read/write.


Here’s how it works in 4 steps…

STEP 1: Plug KESS into car’s OBD-II port

STEP 2: Plug KESS into laptop’s USB port

STEP 3: Launch KESS software

STEP 4: Read/Write data to vehicles EEPROM ECU chip

What’s more, tuning/remapping is completely safe because you can backup and restore original ECU data back to car in 1-click.

Kess V2 Obd2 Connection

MPPS is a very good tool and has Tricore support, but you need to open the ECU first as with KTAG.

Example: read ECU in my 2011 VW Scirocco with MPPS v18

MPPS V18 Tricore 1

MPPS V18 Tricore 2

MPPS V18 Tricore 3


If you don’t feel comfortable to open an ECU and connect with pogo pins using KTAG/MPPS, you can try the tools suggested by the others here, like:
1. PCMFlash + Scanmatik, that’s the best software available at this moment!
2. KTM Bench, it’s a copy of PCMFlash + Scanmatik hardware but you have all those copy/clone limitations (no updates, support etc).



How To Use KTM Bench Boot Read ECU Without Removing The Cover


KTM bench boot read ECU without removing the cover:

How to install KTM Bench ECU Programmer quickly

1.The computer used for the device cannot be connected to the network, nor can the device be upgraded. if it be locked the factory will charge for repairs.

  1. The connection diagram is depend on the ecu model,Look at the model of the cpu chip for ecu select., select the software menu to read and write ecu, all 71 options ecu no need to open the ecu connection boot line. But you need to connect the GPT0 and GPT1 lines.

Ktm Bench Pcflash Peugeot SID208 2

Ktm Bench Pcflash Peugeot SID208 3

(For example, I removed  the ecu from the car is edc17 c54, then my ecu cpu is tc1797, connect the ecu according to the wiring diagram I provided, and do not open the ecu. According to this connection diagram, you must connect gpt0 gpt1 , the software chooses this 1797 cpu option)

Ktm Bench Pcflash Peugeot SID208 4

  1. 53 option is to open the ecu connection boot point read data mode, and the item se140, se140-b mode is the same,we must first read the password and then select the read data

Ktm Bench Pcflash Peugeot SID208 5Ktm Bench Pcflash Peugeot SID208 6

The advantage of reading ECU without removing the cover:
1. Easy to operate, you can read the data in about 5-10 minutes without removing the ecu cover. Unpacking an ecu to see the technology and equipment, generally taking off the ecu is about 20 minutes or more, it is normal to remove the ecu cover more than one hour or destroy the ecu cover.
2. Unpacking the ecu destroys the original ecu sealing conditions.
3. Removing the ecu cover you need to connect to the boot point.
4. After reading the data, reseal the ecu.