Autel MaxiIM IM608 Program Nissan Xtrail used ECU Success

Autel MaxiIM IM608 has the same diagnosis and programming capabilities as MaxiSys MS908. Here’s guide on showing the steps of programming a used engine ecu to a Nissan Xtrail t31 edc16.

It supports program both brand new and used ECU.

No pins needed no codes etc. All done with autel im608 and can be purchased here


In IM608, go to Diagnostic ->Nissan->Auto Detect VIN-> Xtrail

Select NATS function

Turn ignition switch on, then press “Yes”



Autel IM608 makes communication with control unit BCM and intelligent key
Select After replacing or installing operation->Replace ECM (used part)



This procedure erase all registered key ids.
Therefore, all of the keys should be obtained before starting this procedure.


Perform key registration following steps below:
1. Remove inserted ignition key from key cylinder
2. Insert unregistered ignition key into ignition key cylinder, turn ignition switch to the ON position, and then wait for 5s or more
3. Check that security indicator flashes 5 times
4. Turn ignition switch to the OFF position. remove ignition key and then wait for 3s or more
5. A maximum of 5 ignition keys can be registered by repeating procedures from steps 2 to step 4 using unregistered ignition keys.
Press Next to complete key registration mode


Register key completed. Check that each of all registered key can start engine.

For remote control engine starter,  check operation according to remote control engine starter installation manual (there is an Install remote control engine starter option in function select menu, check Pic.5 3rd option  )


Many thanks to Mobileeco Tuning for the test report.