How to Close VW Tiguan Windows and Folding Mirrors Quickly

This is a nice feature if you are interested.  In default it is 2 seconds that you must hold the fob key to close the windows and the folding mirrors.  You can close windows and mirrors no holding 2 seconds but 0.5 seconds by coding with VCP or ODIS software.



Here’s the guide with VAS 5054A ODIS:


Go to control unit list, select Central Electrics channel 9 and then HEX service
here you write the value 460 and tick the HEX
like this…
after that you must login to have enter login code to access: 42013
after that you will see this… in my car it says 3 time 14, 14 means 1.4 seconds in other cars it can say FF that’s is about 2 seconds
to change this click on that address and it will pop up this picture…
change the three values from 14 to 05
and click OK now you can see that values have changed to 05.
Now I can close the windows and folding mirrors within 0.5 seconds.
FYI: How to enable folding mirrors using ODIS?

You must have VAS 5054 with ODIS to do it.

Go to Odis Engineering , choose module 42 Door Electronics Driver Side

it will ask code, code is 04354
Now read address 189, you might have 0xC3
In my case I changed bit0 ->0 to activate light with mirror close and bit4-> to activate the function.
You also can chose open with door or ignition, on bit2
This will only work when you change on 3 positions, 189, 206, 223. All same process and same value.

my door module 42

Address 42: Door Elect, Driver Labels: 1K0-959-701-MAX3.lbl
Part No SW: 5N0 959 701 E HW: 5N0 959 701 E
Component: Tuer-SG 009 2101
Coding: 0004350
Shop #: WSC 13231 210 00000
VCID: 377AB3F3465E2386AC-8062

No fault code found.

I have change to D2
BIN 1101 0010