ODIS-S 5.2.6 Postsetup 98.0.160 Free download + Installation

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This article is available with ODIS-S 5.2.6 Postsetup 98.0.160 free download source and installation guide.   Part 1: ODIS-S 5.2.6 Postsetup 98.0.160 Free download torrent 1 https://mega.nz/file/MQRHWCxa#KgHLLAOCi23WqW_6PhO21Xuuu9db7ztnI_dl3i8HMEM 0.MS_Visual_C++2010 for W10 0.Prerequirements x64 W7 0.Prerequirements x86 W7 1.OffboardDiagSetup-Service_VWMCD_5_2_6-B52_6_0_2 2.ODIS-S 5.2.6 Patch+License-Full… Continue Reading

Free download ODIS Service 5.1.6 PоstSetup 89.5.60

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Offer free source of software ODIS Service 5.1.6 PоstSetup 89.5.60.   ODIS 5.1.6 free download: Source 1: https://share.weiyun.com/5UICOap  Password: kl3nxz Source 2: https://mega.nz/#F!vE4DyQyY!Pu7n1-dqnYihGcdQTQUUXg  Contributor: obdii365.com engineer Security: 100% yes Inside: Install file PostSetup update Patch files Drivers for VAS 5054 clone   VAS 5054a: confirmed working with… Continue Reading

ODIS-S 5.0.6 Download FREE + How to install


ODIS-S 5.0.6 is released on 20-02-2019. Free download Odis_S_5.0.6_Multilanguage for VAS5054A clone or genuine: https://mega.nz/#F!wYYiQIJa!mFqSYs–c7wTJEYIUuIfAA Latest Odis S 5.0.6 Multilanguage -Multibrand VAG  with license until 2030. PostSetup 79.0.120 -05.02.2019 updates Note that odis 5.0.6 is NOT TESTED by real professional. To use odis… Continue Reading

How to install VAS5054A ODIS 5.0.3 on Windows 7


Here’s the how-to’s of ODIS service 5.0.3 Windows 7 installation.   First free download odis 5.0.3 http://blog.obdii365.com/2018/10/25/free-download-odis-5-0-3-setup-postsetup-license/   Second, learn how to install odis 5.0.3 on Windows 7   Exract all postsetup files Run “OffboardDiagSetup-Service_VWMCD_5_0_3-B50_3_2_6” “Next” until license file order.… Continue Reading

Free Download ODIS 5.0.3 Setup + Postsetup + Launch + License


Hello, all. Offboard Diagnostic Information System (Odis) service is updated to version 5.0.3. Free download links are available for you.   Odis 5.0.3 updated on 10-2018   Download links: ODIS 5.0.3 Setupftp://ftp.erwin-portal.com/ODIS/SOFTWARE/ODIS-Service_installation_5_0_3_20181016_mUMiA.zip or https://mega.nz/#!qJJ0laaL!xipSDspL4qGdZXxP_DtwIH1nQPCLbGZNa4z2YEj7PRY or https://yadi.sk/d/1q_7IZQYoLzTNA/ODIS-Service_5.0.3 ODIS Post Setup ftp://ftp.erwin-portal.com/ODIS/UPDATE/ODIS-Service_update_5_0_3-EU_20181016_1Brc6.zip or… Continue Reading