MicroPod 2 can get full “dealer level” capability for all Chrysler (-2018)?

This is for those looking for a decent tool works on and flashes all Chrysler vehicles the same level as dealer technician can.


Purpose: Want to have full “dealer level” capability for all Chrysler – Hemi / Cummins / body modules, Ecodiesel, Pentastar 3.6, everything Chrysler / Ram like we do on GM and Ford


Tools used: have Cardaq J2534 device, have used the J2534 program for flashing in the past as well as the J2534 Drewtech toolbox for some skim and vin updates

Issues: Have a few big name scan tools we are able to do a lot of functions but just always end up something we can’t do
For example: 2014 Ram 1500 air suspension, unable to perform the system recharge function for the air ride, although our tools have the bag fill, system test, etc, missing the one function and have to send it to dealer.

Budget: Not afraid of paying for the right stuff, but afraid of paying for less than i need or having issues.

My ideas of devices:

WiTech VCI Pod
WiTech Micropod II
DRB Emulator

pre-2004 not worried about, generic scan tools work well enough for most things
2004-2012 – have good coverage but run into things not able to perform, for instance can do the Quick Learn on RFE transmissions but cannot do the DRIVE LEARN, Drewtech advises against reflashing modules with J2534 software as high failure rate,
2013-up this is where our coverage gets a lot more spotty  – have a lot of WIN modules we replace but have been able to program them with one of our aftermarket tools but only up to 2012, functions like VGT turbocharger relearn, NOX resets, etc

Examples of things had to send to dealer:
2014 Ram 1500 BCM replacement and reflash
2017 Ram 3500 WIN module replacement, push start
2014 Ram 1500 air suspension system recharge
2014 Durango hemi ecm replacement, unable to configure new ecm (probably could have with ecm unlock and hp or something but this was just to flash stock)


Tips and guides:

for 2017 and older:

you can use micropod clone+witech1 (online/offline).(witech activator can help with not registered error)

micropod tests on a 2015 vehicle:

for 2018 and newer:

you should use micropod 2 original/hq clone +witech2(online)

micropod tests on a 2018 vehicle:

for vehicle configuration change:

you should have a Dealer Connect account.
for very specific operations:

you should have CDA 5.13/5.14 (for 2010 and older) and CDA 6 for 2011 and newer.


This is for your information.


Micropod 2 clone (item no. Sp271-c1) is the best

The best quality and cost-effective

Work as good as the original, including basic obd2 diagnostic tests and programming:

1) It can be used as diagnostic and programming tool by the dealerships. Replaces your StarMobile, StarScan, and wi-TECH POD,provides world-class diagnostic services to your customers.

2) A separate Tech Authority  Subscription is required to access to Module Re-Flash Programming, TSBs, wiring diagrams, and repair information.


Confirmed to work with DRB3 application



Test reports on vehicles 1997-2018: