BMW E-series Coding Tool SP-Daten Download and Installation

Here’s little tutorial on BMW E-series coding programs installation.


Disclaimer: The document was translated from Korean. You are at your risk.

Part I. Required files


2. BMW Coding Pack

3. BMW Coding Tool

→ Download

Unpack and use


→ Download and use the data file for BASE and car!ukQzzBwb!bH9cRXpvW4xiTLr-N10CjQ


! iAJg_VqYENXBCaGLS-AvFvhPSNEae2mp-aWtuYOHGv8 ( decryption key)

Part II. Install the INPA program

1. Materials

(1) Coding required cable: BMW INPA K+DCAN cable

(2) Programs required for coding: INPA / NCS Expert

(3) Own vehicle information file (SP-Daten, SP-Daten capacity of 30 ~ 40GB per vehicle)


2. INPA program installation

(1) INPA / K + D CAN drive installation

If you unzip it, there are three folders in Step 1, 2, 3, and there are installation instructions, a description PDF document,

1) Copying the entire EC-Apps under the 01_Step1 directory to C: /

2) Run NFS / Entpackt / disk1 / SETUP.exe under the directory 01_Step1


If not, copy all of these NFS directories to C: / and install them)

Note 1. In Windows 8.1 32bit, copy the file under disk1 to C; /

NTVDM automatically download and run)

Note 2. If the program fails to install again after the installation fails, copy the previously copied C: / EC-Apps

Clear all and copy again

Select Window XP on the screen

The remaining selection values

User mode / Parametrienen einer neuen Configuration ohen Dafer / OBD / KeinApi-Trace / Kein IFH-TRACE / Komfor (.IPO) selection

The first time you install regsvr32, the two * .ocx files will fail to register, but if you uninstall and reinstall the program you just installed from the control panel, the ocx file will be registered normally.

In particular, the message “The program is not installed properly” appears on Windows 7/8. Select the program installed correctly ”

3) Run INSTALL / Instprog.exe under the directory 02_Step2

(Copy and run under C: \ temp, but not on other drives)

Select “ENGLISH” on the screen, press Continue / Continue and never change the folder or drive to install.

In the Configuration window

Select “Bmw Group Rectification programs UK” → Continue

EDIABAS 6.4.3 → Update

INPA 5.0.1 → Update

NCS Expert 3.0.8 → Check Complete → Continue

4) INSTALL / Instprog.exe under the 03_Step3 directory

(Copy and run under C: \ temp, but not on other drives)

3) in the same way

Old verstion delete → Yes

5) Overwrite inpa.ini under c: / EC-APPS / INPA / CFGDAT with inpa.ini in the INPA folder.

3. Cable connections and port settings

(1) Plug OBD cable into USB port and select manual drive installation

1) Install it as a drive under the drive under the INPA folder, and when installed, recognize USB Serial Port

2) In the USB Serial Port property, set Port Setting / Advanced / Com Port No. 1, Response Time 1

(2) Run Drive_D_CAN_USB / OBDSetup.exe under INPA directory and reboot

INPA installation complete

(3) Confirmation of installation: Execute c: /EC_Apps/INPA/BIN/inpaload.exe and Battery / Ignition

If you see two black dots on the installation succeeded

Part III. Installing BMW Standard Tool from BMW Coding Pack

1. When unzipping, four folders with numbers 1 ~ 4 are created, and BMW Standard Tool 2.12 installation

(Be sure to run the program under \ BMW Coding Pack \ folder)

(1) Before running the program, open the Compatibility tab in the properties of the installation file

→ Change Compatibility by selecting Windows XP Service Pack 3

(2) Installation file Click “English” in English / German selection window.

(All installation programs will be deleted when English is selected)

(3) Select German / Weiter (Next) “Ich akzeptieredie Vereinbarung”

→ Press “Weiter” 3 times to set the directory (set to 4 folders default) and add 1 folder

(4) Zus? Zliche Aufgaben ausw? Len

→ Check out two of the above four check boxes: “Datensicherung” (data backup)

(Leave the other two checked and press the next one to pop up a popup window)

(5) Leave the STD: OBD default value on the next Hardware Interface screen

(6) COM port number checked in Device Manager 1 Select “COM1” and then USB auf Serial

Adapter Check

(7) Click Next and then click Installer to start the installation

Select “Ignore” if error screen appears and select “Ignore” if error screen appears (error 2)

2. When the installation is complete, go to the 3-UPDATE folder and add three folders (EC-APPS, EDIABAS,


Copy to C: \ → Overwrite existing file with latest English version)

3. After copying the update file, copy the “BMW Coding Shorcuts” folder 4 to the desktop



Part IV. Installing BMW Coding Tools and SP_DATEN

1. Unzip the file into C: / windows / system, C: / windows / system32, C: / windows / Syswow64

Copy comdlg32.ocx, mscomctl.ocx under BMW Coding Tool folder

2. Open a command window in administrator mode and type

(Enter the Windows program app and right-click command to run as administrator)

“Regsvr32 comdlg32.ocx”, “regsvr32 mscomctl.ocx” → After registry registration succeeded

Close the command window and run BMW Coding Tools


3. Press the “Select SP-source” button on the right “SP daten” to find your vehicle information daten file

Select ah Select

4. Click the “UPdate SP-source” button on the right “SP daten” to link and copy the daten file

5. Down the received dummy profile (NCExpert Profile / NCSDUMMY4.PFL) to c: / NCSEXOER / PFL


All programs for E series coding installation is complete.

It is not easy. You must follow each one step by step.  Keep the order …