Toyota Techstream J2534 clone Install on Win7 Win8 64bit

I bought a cheap Chinese Mini VCI J2534 cable for diagnostics and auto settings. I used it and found that you can do a lot with it through the Toyota Techstream service program.

And here he came to me:

MINI VCI for TOYOTA Single Cable Support Toyota TIS OEM Diagnostic Software


Package includes the drivers for the cable and the program itself-Toyota Techstream with V10.10.018 version.


Cable for diagnosis Mini-VCI J2534

I post links for download: Toyota Techstream 10.10.018 , drivers MVCI_Driver_for.msi
Then I will tell you how to install the driver and the program under Windows 7 or 8.1 x64.
The instruction can be found on the Internet , but I will write it here.


INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Techstream on Windows 7, 8.1 – x64 bit

If you bought the MINI VCI J2534 cable and there is no unpacked driver on the disk, and there is only the MVCI Driver for TOYOTA.msi installer that does not really work when installed on any Windows x64 and gives an error, and it must be installed, otherwise the sw will not work, and it does not matter. This problem can be solved by installing the MVCI Driver for TOYOTA.msi manually as follows:
1. Create a folder on drive C: \ Temp 
2. Copy to our C: \ Temp folder our MVCI Driver for TOYOTA.msi file
3. With Administrator rights open and run the following command:
msiexec / a “C: \ temp \ MVCI Driver for TOYOTA.msi” / qb TARGETDIR = c: \ temp \ mvci
this command will extract all content from the MSI file to the C: \ Temp \ mvci folder
4. We delete the file MVCI Driver for TOYOTA.msi from the folder C: \ Temp \ mvci, it is no longer needed, we can also remove it from the folder C: \ Temp
5. We go in C: \ Program Files (x86) and create there folder \ XHorse Electronics \ and in it one more \ MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS \ and move there all the contents from the folder C: \ Temp \ mvci
6. Connect the MINI VCI cable to the USB port.
IMPORTANT: When the automatic driver installation process starts, it must be canceled and the device will not be detected.
7. Open the Device Manager and locate the two faulty devices in the list. They will have a yellow icon indicating that Windows could not install the drivers for them. Now right click on the faulty device, select “Update Driver”, then “search on this computer” next “Browse my computer” … and specify the path to “C: \ Program Files (x86) \ XHorse Electronics \ MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS “(” include subfolders “check box). Click the “Next” button and wait for the drivers to be installed.
Now you should see two new devices: “Controllers USB \ USB Serial Converter” and “Ports (COM & LPT) \ USB Serial Port (COM —)”. Where instead of a line will be your figure COM port.
8. Next, go to the path “C: \ Program Files (x86) \ XHorse Electronics \ MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS” and run the file “FirmwareUpdateTool.exe”.
In the opened program, click the “Device Info” button. You should see the “connected device” graph filled.

If you see this, then your MINI VCI works under a 64-bit version of Windows and can be used by other programs, such as Techstream.


There is a connection with the cable!


9. Now install Techstream using the software “Techstream.exe” of any version. after installation do not run it yet.
10. To activate it, you need to change the TISFunction = 1 line in the C: \ Program Files \ Toyota Diagnostics \ Techstream \ Env \ IT3System.ini file and change it to “0” and save the file.


Now you need to make the program see the cable
So that Techstream sees MINI-VCI under Windows x64, the Registry should be changed like this:

1. Open the Windows Registry Editor, on Windows 8.1 x64, the path is:
But there must definitely be a folder \ PassThruSupport.04.04 \ and it has a subfolder (I have DENSO CORPORATION – TIS Techstream VIM) it should have the following parameters
: “Name” = “XHorse – MVCI”
“Vendor” = “XHorse ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd.”
“ConfigApplication” = “C: \\ Program Files (x86) \\ XHorse Electronics \\ MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS \\ FirmwareUpdateTool.exe”
“FunctionLibrary” = “C: \\ Program Files (x86) \\ XHorse Electronics \ \ MVCI Driver for TOYOTA TIS \\ MVCI32.dll ”
” APIVersion “=” 04.04 ”
” ProductVersion “=” 1.1.0 ”

“J1850VPW” = dword: 00000001
“J1850PWM” = dword: 00000001
“ISO9141” = dword: 00000001
“ISO14230” = dword: 00000001
“CAN” = dword: 00000001
“ISO15765” = dword: 00000001
“SCI_A_ENGINE” = dword: 00000000
” SCI_A_TRANS “= dword: 00000000
” SCI_B_ENGINE “= dword: 00000000
” SCI_B_TRANS “= dword: 00000000

Also there is a section
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ PassThruSupport.04.04 \ DENSO CORPORATION – TIS Techstream VIM \ Parameter]
“Baudrate” = dword: 0001c200
“Comport” = dword: 00000005
“Connect” = dword: 00000000
“Interface” = “AUTOMATIC”
” Firmware “=” x ”
” LE “= dword: 00000000
” LN “= dword: 00000001
” SN “= dword: 00000000

But you can manually do nothing, but simply make changes to the registry by downloading and running this file .

2. Launch Techstream. Go to Setup | VIM select will open the menu in it should be “XHorse-MVCI”
3. Connect the MVCI cable to the USB interface, start the program, then click “Connect to Vehicle” in Toyota Techstream. If everything works, you will be asked to confirm the car / year / model, and if you connect to the car and start it, you will get access to the diagnostic interface.


The first thing to do was to turn off the orange American DRLs. other features stay tuned!