How to replace VAG PQ35 UDS Instrument by Xhorse iScancar MM-007

Xhorse iScancar VAG MM-007 is not only a diagnostic tool, but also a maintenance tool that can replace  second-hand/used accessories for VAG (VW Audi Skoda Seat)  offline including:

  • Engine (EDC16/EDC17/MED9/MED17/Simos)
  • KESSY(A8/Touareg/Phaeton)
  • Magotan/CC Computer Comfort
  • PQ35 Electronic Power Steering
  • A6/Q7/Allroad transmission
  • A6/Q7/Allroad J518 control unit
  • Replace PQ35 4th Generation Immobilizer UDS instrument


Here is the guide on replacing PQ35 4th Generation Immobilizer UDS instrument .

(used to retrofit instrument, replace intelligent/3D instrument or repair broken instrument)

Select Replace PQ35 UDS instrument


1. First enter PIN and CS stored in the new instrument . XHorse iScancar MM-007 vag will read PIN and CS from ECU or immo by OBD


2.Enter new PIN, CS1 (6 byte CS from ECU), CS2 (another 6 byte CS code). VAG MM-007 will read all ECU information, power level etc.

(Make sure the power level value in Immobilizer system is the same as in ECU)


3.Enter new VIN, Immo code


4. Check data entered, original PIN, CS1, CS2, power level and new PIN, new CS1, CS2, power level, new VIN and Immo code, then press OK to confirm.

Make sure original data you entered are all correct.


5. Follow Iscancar VAG MM-007 prompt. Then instrument new PIN, CS, VIN, power lever has been changed.

6. If you have successfully replaced the instrument. You will see 0-0 on dashboard. Then you need to do key learn and Ecu sync with Iscancar VAG MM-007 as well.



More Xhorse iscancar VAG MM-007 information, please check