Retrofit Porsche 991.2 MF steering wheel to 2012.5 991S

An electronic engineering from Connecticut, U.S.A has tested the Porsche MF multi-function Steering Wheel Master Adapter and report the result here:
Porsche 991.2 multi-function steering wheel  retrofit – success!
First off, I know there are a few threads about swapping steering wheels. Mostly non MF to non MF or doing a conversion from MF to an SD wheel and vice versa.

My story is about retrofitting the new 991.2 MF steering wheel to my 2012.5 991S.

I bought my car CPO and I love the specs on my car. I really liked having the carbon MF wheel match my interior. My 991S is a cab, so the heated wheel is a must. But I hated the shifters (never made sense to me), so I got the Techart Paddle shifters. After spending all the $$ I really wanted to believe that I was going to be happy with those Techart shifters, but truth is – those shifters were flimsy, and also obstructed the dashboard view. They just didn’t feel and look right and they weren’t from the Porsche factory. So I was excited to see the first 991.2 steering wheel retrofits master. Of course, MF was a no go at first.

The perfect steering wheel for my car is actually a Macan steering wheel. So I bought it new with a new airbag. I also bought the retrofit kit . I actually thought to myself this isn’t going to work. Yesterday I did the retrofit. Beginning to finish in exactly two hours. I am experienced in electronic engineering and have a lot of soldering experience which you need if you have a heated wheel. You need to remove an SMD resistor and swap another one out on a tiny circuit board. Throughout working on the new steering wheel, I was very nervous. But after installing the conversion module into the Macan wheel, and finally swapping steering wheels, everything worked just perfectly!!!

It is just amazing to me that it all worked out. I absolutely love the new look – it actually feels like I have a new car. The MF controls are much improved (very precise), the paddles are absolutely perfect. It really is a dream come through for me.

I posted some before / after pictures. Also a video that shows that all buttons work properly, included backlight function, and the steering wheel heat.



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