(Solved) Kess V2 OBD write edc17cp14 failed, Passat not start

Purpose: write a file to a car with edc17cp14 through OBD with KESS V2


Car & ECU: VW Passat 2.0cr CBAB edc17cp14


I read the original file through OBD, and wrote it back again with no problems.

Afterwards i have put the ECU to boot mode with kess tricore module, where i have made a “backup file read” and a “normal read”



Failed and the car won’t start.

Properly it is Tprot locked.



The car can now start again..

A great thanks to all you helpfully people. It is nice to get qualified help when I fuck things up.

I wrote the fixed iRom file from @stabilo in boot mode, and tried start the car, that did not work.

Then I tried to follow the last three steps in the guide from another thread:
Problem: ECU VAG EDC17CP04/14 blocked writing MOD by OBD (so called EEPROM crash)
caused by: ECU remain in programming mode.
1. Read IROM / XROM and EEPROM in bootloader mode.
2. Fix IROM/XROM using bootloader readout and OBD ORI readout (you will probably need to paste part of map zone and chk/RSA zone)
3. Write fixed IROM/XROM by bootloader (do not touch EEPROM!)
4. connect ECU to the car and write repaired IROM/XROM (same used for bootloader) by OBD.
It will automaticaly fix eeprom problem.


That gave me success, and the car can start again.

Thank you all for helping me solve my problem.



Good info:


this ecu (edc17cp14) don’t flash over obd port.also cmd cant do it.beleive me i have test it.
in boot mode no problem.

i can offere original state 9977 full backup.or only the mpc file.
or very good eco tun 35PS/60nm

read out by ktag.
1 .part you have done(backup with ktag your data) eeprom
2.need whrite mpc and test starts you car or not.
if not write first my full backup to you ecu. after this write only your eeprom file back.
after this your car will 100% starts.


i have done this car two years ago in boot mode.with old state(older version)
after the vw skandal update i have try with cmd do it over obd port.
but this not possible shows cmd .

with ktag no problem. but only in bootmode.

here 9977 original mpc file in boot mode.

try and report.i think it will work for you
(original not tuned)

no pass as allways here.


original backup.rar