Download E-sys 3.26.1 and FSC Gen to generate BMW FSC code

Here is a step-by-step guide to show you: How to generate BMW FSC code by BMW E-Sys and BMW FSC Generator? Use a $11.99 BMW ENET Cable and start as below:


Step 1: Download BMW E-Sys and BMW FSC Generator, extract them to Local C: Disk.

This tutorial use BMW E-Sys 3.26.1, you can also download latest BMW E-Sys 3.28.1:!tc00gSIb!QSJatG3d3e4JVaDMt2aIhw

Download BMW FSC Gen:!4c8GGZZK!UlWP0qwSHp598aZutkuY5h-q9U6WO5kQdjMbQplfeYo


Step 2: Use the ENET Cable to connect car with E-Sys software then open E-Sys.


Follow step by step as below:

Enter “Expert Mode” in the menu on the left of the screen.

Click “FSC-Extended”

Input “0x63” in Diagnostic Address blank

Click the “Identify” button

Confirm HU_NBT

Enter “0xDE” in Application Number blank

Enter “0x1” in Upgrade Index blank

Click “Store FSC” then click the “>>” button to confirm that SotreFSC is created on the right side.

Click the “Read” button

Then click “Save” button to save as DE.fsc file name


Step 3: Copy the DE.fsc file to My Computer→ C drive → FSCGen

Press the Windows key + R button, enter CMD Enter (Run Command Prompt)

After entering cd \, enter (\ is the key on the left or bottom of the backspace key, which is used to display the circle. Cd is the command to go to the directory one step up, cd is the abbreviation of change directory, it is used to move the directory.)

Enter “cd FSCGen”


Step 4: Enter “Nbt.exe de.fsc 0xA6 0x28 X123456” (X123456 is the last 7 digits of the chassis number and all chassis numbers must be in capital letters.)

In this way, you can generate BMW FSC code successfully! All you need to buy is just a cheap BMW ENET  F-series Coding Cable!


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