Free download V11.20.019 Toyota TIS Techstream

Here is the free download resource of Toyota Techstream V11.20.019, which enhances and adds a lot in functions like health check (diagnosis), customize setting, ecu programming and CAN BUS for many models.


Free download Techstream:

Techstream 11.20.019 – newest but unknown security!rRR3kIBJ!l-y7uP4i5oh6MksxAxFIKquorGLretTMyshEoIrNB7Y

Techstream 11.20.019 – newest and tested without issues

Techstream TIS 10.30.029 – without issues, safe


Toyota Teachstream V11.20.019 Update Info
Category Vehicle System Function Content
Vehicle Coverage Covered all the models by October 2016.
New Functions PRIUS PHV DC Quick Charging Control Added new system “DC Quick Charging Control”.
RAV4, etc. Telematics ID Information Display Added new Utility “ID Information Display”.Description:This function displays the identification information of Telematics ECU.
PRIUS PHV Air Conditioner Middle Differential Pressure Valve State Check Added new Utility “Middle Differential Pressure Valve State Check”.Description:This function is used to confirm the state of Middle Differential Pressure Valve.
PRIUS PHV Air Conditioner Refrigerant Filling Mode Added new Utility “Refrigerant Filling Mode”.Description:This function is used to enter the Refrigerant Filling Mode.
PRIUS PHV Hybrid Control EV Mode Cruising Range Reset Added new Utility “EV Mode Cruising Range Reset”.Description:This function is used to reset the cruising range for EV mode.
PRIUS PHV HV Battery Hybrid Battery Thermal Keep Control Mode Setting Added new Utility “Hybrid Battery Thermal Keep Control Mode Setting”.Description:This function sets Hybrid Battery Thermal Keep Control Mode when a vehicle is sold in an extremely cold region.
Functional Improvement PRIUS, etc Hybrid ControlHV BatteryMotor Generator Freeze Frame Data Added FFD Filter function.
Engine Activetest Changed display text of Information of “TC Terminal” to “This test activates the TC and TE1 terminal ON/OFF.”.
LS, LX, GS, ES, RX, IS, LC, PRIUS, etc Rain Sensor CAN Bus Check Modified the System Name of CAN Bus Check from “Rain Sensor” to “Rain and/or Humidity Sensor”.
LS, LX, GS, ES, RX, IS, LC, PRIUS, etc Rain Sensor System Selection Menu Modified the System Name of System Selection Menu from “Rain Sensor” to “Rain and/or Humidity Sensor”.
AURIS NRECROWN ARSGS350 GRL(2GR-FKS)IS200t ASENX200t AGZPRIUS ZVW5RC200t ASCRX200t AGLGS350 GRL(2GR-FSE) is inapplicable. Engine Fuel Consumption Deleted “Injection Volume” displayed items on Fuel Consumption.
CROWN ARSGS350 GRL(2GR-FKS)IS200t ASENX200t AGZRC200t ASCRX200t AGLGS350 GRL(2GR-FSE) is inapplicable. Engine Activetest Add display text of Information.D-4S (A/F Control)D-4S (Fuel Cut)D-4S (Injection Volume)AddWhen High Fuel Pressure Value is too high, it may prevent switching to Direct injection.Continuous long Port injection raises the fuel temperature due to the heat of the engine, resulting in the increase of High Fuel Pressure Value.Switch to Direct injection by driving the vehicle to lower the High Fuel Pressure Value.Please increase The Engine load as running an Air Conditioner and loading electric if Direct injection is not changed from Port injection.
Bug Fix RX Back Door DataListCustomize Fixed the bug;Data monitor / customize revised the problem which was not displayed by emblem sensor non-installation vehicle.



ECU programming function via Techstream only can be performed on VXDIAG VCX NANO for Toyota;

Xhorse Mini VCI cable can only do some easy diagnosis and customize setting, but not ecu programming.

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Software requires activation. If you need the activation/registration/license code, please contact Mr.autokent in forum.

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