Hyundai & Kia GDS VCI “CRC Error” fixed

Hyundai & Kia GDS VCI diagnostic system “CRC Error” solution is provided.

Installing Hyundai GDS (Global Diagnostic System) software on Win 7 laptop, when come to Hyundai master setup wizard installation step, the system reported an error:

“CRC error: The file C:/gvci/ocx/install/dotnetfx-eng.exe doesn’t match the file in the setup’ file. The medium from which you are running the setup may be corrupted; contact your software vendor.”

Error screen
Hyundai GDS VCI

Possible reason:
1. Operating system issue
2. Improper installation steps
3. Software damaged

Please follow the video or blog guide (below) to install GDS program. If the Hyundai master setup can be well installed, but others cannot, then send the specific file name that cannot be installed to obd365 customer service. We will resend the file.

We recommend users to choose U-Disk format software rather than CD software. U-Disk format GDS V2.14 software HDD is easier to install.

Also, better to install GDS on our Windows 7 32-bit operating system.

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But if you choose the GDS V2.14 software HDD, then follow this guide to install the GDS