Reply to: Keyless go keys with BMW multitool, use first 2 positions only?

Can someone shed some light on these keyless go keys for me. I am having trouble with them always.

Everyone says only use first 2 positions for them but I always get a window saying if using this position key will not have smart function? Do i just ignore it?
Similar question: so what happens if the slots are used in the CAS? I have one at hand and I made a transponder to key 5 which worked but now ordered Smart keys to use on same CAS. Do I use a used position 1&2 or go further down? Or can keys be erased from CAS ?

Explanation on how to do:
If you can save the key data from the CAS, you should be able to unlock the key that you have in position 1 or 2. Just make sure to unlock it before you overwrite the new key to that position… otherwise the key that you overwrite is locked and useless… I had a 2006 5 series that a customer had just bought, it had the keyless go remote, he got a good deal because the key wouldn’t stay in the receptacle in the column.. and the shifter wouldn’t go into park.. I thought it had something to do with the key he had… I wasn’t thinking and overwrote position two because my scanner told me I had key one in the column… turned out my scanner shows key 0-09 and his key was position 2 on BMW multi tool key programmer (Someone call it BMT).. The problem wasn’t a key problem after all, the cover on the drink holder in the dash had come off and fallen into the gearshift well and was keeping the shifter from going into park, which caused the key to be stuck in the receptcale and the previous owner had ripped the key out… fixed the gearshift problem and then realized I had overwrote the keyless go key and couldn’t un;lock it…. it hangs above my desk in my van as a reminder…
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Here is what I got reliably. Disable the keys with the smart functions and then write the new keys to next positions available and will be ok but don’t use position 10 key slot. Don’t have enough keys to test this

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