Make your Head-up display HUD to an OBDⅡtool

Car Head-up display is not an OBD II certified device and not easy to install in the past years. The HUD needs power, so first thing to do is to plug in the 12-volt adapter and snake the cord across my console and up to the HUD…Somehow it is complicated. But now HUD has designed to come with 16-pin OBD2 connector which can be directly plugged into the OBD socket and project functions thru just plug-and-play.

Head-up Display HUD looks like it is part of the car as it is very unobtrusive and users have no wire visible anywhere at all. HUD with OBD2 interface works like DashCommand app with WIFI ELM327 OBD2 scan tool adaptor on iOS system that displays various live data. HUD now is designed not only just display over speed warning, some HUDs are able to display vehicle KM RPM, shift light, temperature, Some even come with compass will lead you to the correct direction.

The good:

1) The low cost car HUD shows you exactly what you need to navigate and does not distract from driving
2) Very visible and crisp display, works as advertised
3) The unit was perfectly legible without the tint but with the tint
4) The readout is great, the information (Volts/Coolant Temp/ RPM/MPH/speed limit etc) can be seen perfectly
5) Very easy plug-and-play installation
6) Decrease car accident
7) Durable, the device can be used for many years.

Car HUD head up display
How to install your OBDII Certified Car Head-up display HUD?

PS: Make sure if your car complies with OBD II (or EOBD) interface standard

1) If confirm your vehicle is standard OBD2 complaint, then plug the OBDII cable with the diagnostic Interface of 16PIN.
HUD display
2) Put the non-slip mat on the relatively flat position of the car console. Then you put HUD on the non-slip mat and adjust HUD.
3) Reflective film can be attached to the front windshield above HUD so that you can read the parameters form the reflective film.

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