How to solve Toyota Techstream “Software Registration” error

When register Toyota Techstream software (mangoose with new chip, Techstream MINI VCI 22pin, MINI VCI, Mangoose VCI), the system pops out the following error message:  “To register software, click on the Software Registration button below. If you are unable to access the software registration web page, contact Techstream support. For Teachstream support, click the Support Information button below”. (shown as picture below)
Toyota Techstream "Software Registration" error


Go to
C:\Program Files\Toyota Diagnostics\Techstream\Env\IT3System.ini

TISFunction=1 to TISFunction=0


When access to the Software Registration page, the system pops out an error message:  “Network Connection is unavailable. A network connection is required to use TechStream. You can only connect 25 more times before software registration is required.”


Replace the Original MainMenu.exe file in directory
C:\Program Files\Toyota Diagnostics\Techstream\bin\
(Backup your Original file on your computer or Rename it…)

Start your Techstream and enter these Keys to activate your Techstream:

EU = abbe703c18739c897dae24400b78aeb530001302010241
NA = b52a2344103a02cf15fd78cbe5cbc0ab30001302010241
JP = f9db6f52a2df50424270ce506cdd645530001302010241
OTHER = 076125d9a1a47f6a39015e59208499dc30001302010241

For how to activate Toyota Techstream software, please check the video here:

NOTE: DO NOT change the “User Type” when you will run your TIS  Techstream for first time! Leave it with the Default option. “Official” Dealer/Repairer with other words…

Hardware ID = 55555555555555555555555555555555
Software ID = 8.00.034
Date Start = 01-02-2013
Days To Expire = 3000