OBD365 Digiprog 3 V4.94 Odometer Master Programmer Kit

Digiprog III mileage programmer has been updated to the latest 4.94 version. OBD365 technicians have tested the tool work today, and the Digiprog 3 V4.94 is now available on our official website. For its cheap price and efficient performance, Digiprog 3 is sold like hot bread on OBD365 in recently years.

The newest V4.94 Digiprog 3 boast the following features:

1. Newest Version: V4.94
2. ST01/02 and ST04 Adapter in the package, so there is no need to buy them.
3. Support for additional vehicles than V4.88.
4. Multiple Languages: Deutsch, English, Espanol, French, Portuguese, Italiano, Turkish and Dutch.
5. Worldwide leader in digital speedo programming and correction software.
6. Best quality over other Digi 3 versions.
7. Years of improvement in digital vehicle engineering.
8. Professional technical service.

The newest V4.94 Digiprog 3 adds support for the following vehicles:

-A3 new version

-F150 24C16
-Falcon 24c02

-W176 new version
-W204 new version Diag
-w212 new version Diag

-Insignia new version
-Astra new version
V4.93 digiprog 3 odometer programmer:

For Audi
A3 Diag new version
A6 Diag new version
A8 Diag new version

For Mercedes
R 172 Diag new version
R 231 Diag new version
W 212 Diag new version

For Ford
Kuga Transit

For VW
Amarok Polo Johnson

Below are some pictures of the V4.94 Digipog 3 mileage programmer:
igiprog 3 V4.94 Odometer

igiprog 3 V4.94 Odometer

igiprog 3 V4.94 Odometer

For Digiprog 3 V4.88: http://www.obdii365.com/wholesale/newest-version-digiprog3-odometer-master.html
For Digiprog 3 V4.88 update software: