Bosch ME 17.9.7 Burned how to clone or immo off

I have found burned this ecu bosch ME 17.9.7 and have bought a new one.
Here is data as follow:
UAZ 2.7 2009god
komercijal sign-model 3151195-051

OLD computer:

BOSCH 0 261 S04 050
made in Hungary
1039S275000 0159 1354 08-10-22 Motronic

NEW computer:

BOSCH 0 261 S04 050
made in Hungary
1039S37772 0357 1285 09-09-06 Motronic

So, I have two solutions
1. clone ecu
2. immo off

I have FgTech Galletto v54 but I can’t find exactly pinout for properly connection to boot TriCore SAK-TC1762
Also, I have not idea how to make immo off, even, is it possible?? I have seem this car first time in my life.
V54 FGTech Galletto 4
Answers from experienced engineer:
Read write by Fg tech in Tricore boot mode without problems, read details at:

TriCore MCU not possible to clone it. There is OTP area that can not be clone form MCU to MCU.
What you can do since you have TriCore with legs, disorder it and solder on new ECU. If data Ok car will start.

Video: How to install FGTech Galletto 4 software?