Will Autel IM508 IM508S IM608 Unlock Renault Gateway?

Will Autel KM100, MaxiIM IM508, IM508S, IM608, IM608 Pro and IM608 II unlock Renault gateway? It is a frequently asked question.


IM100: No, this tool cannot unlock Renault gateway.

MaxiIM IM508IM508SIM608IM608 Pro: in the past, users can purchase tokens within the machine to unlock Renault gateway directly (check Autel Renault gateway FAQs).

Now they will tell you to contact a dealer for that activation.  If you buy Renault tokens in these machines, you will get payment error “S0071, Credit card payment did not get to payment page. Request failed.”. Android 4.4 tablet is not compatible with Paypal/Credit card payment. So you cannot buy token within these machines.

To unlock Renault gateway with these devices, you have to contact any Autel dealers in the European region.

Check EU distributors https://www.autel.eu.

Autel Im608 Cannot Buy Renault Token

IM608 II (aka IM608 Pro II/IM608S II): Yes, IM608 II is the only MaxiIM tool that can purchase Renault security gateway unlock tokens within the machine right now.



How to Purchase Renault Token to unlock SGW Gateway with Autel IM608 II?

Your tablet must be registered with AUTEL with all your personal information.
Except that now in all AUTEL diagnostic tools, to use the Gateway unlocking functions, you must create an AUTEL user account linked to your company. This measuyou need to register your company information the first time. re was put in place to meet the traceability obligation imposed by manufacturers.


How to:

Go to Authorization-> choose Renault->Renew
Choose how many tokens do you need.
Each token takes 8.8USD.
Then pay for the tokens with Paypal or Credit card.

Autel Im608 Unlock Renault Gateway 1

Autel Im608 Unlock Renault Gateway 2

Autel Im608 Unlock Renault Gateway 3

Autel Im608 Unlock Renault Gateway 4

Autel Im608 Unlock Renault Gateway 5


If you are in the EU or UK and have a Genuine EU/ U.K. tool you can now add the Secure Gateway multipack to your tool.

If you own a Generation 3 tool such as DS900 ProEU, MS906S ProEU, MS909, MS919 or MSUltra and it is in subscription then you can unlock the gateway on the these models.

FCA 12 Months Unlimited
Nissan 12 Months Unlimited
Mercedes Benz 12 months Unlimited
Renault 40 Unlock Tokens

Autel Security Gateway 1