OBDSTAR DC706 ‘DiagProgram Application has Stopped’ Solution

If OBDSTAR DC706 does not come in anymore after software update, only displays the error ‘the DiagProgram Application has Stopped’. How to fix it?
Obdstar Dc706 The DiagProgram Application Has Stopped


In this case you will need a firmware reflashing (reset to factory setting).


Flash file is not open to everyone.  Contact our customer service by providing your serial number.

Download the Firmware Flash file and operation instructions to flash your device.
After reflashing the firmware, the device will be restored to factory settings.
You need to reconnect to WiFi, then enter the personal center to log in your account again.
After logging, enter the one-click upgrade to download software and install.


The reflashing procedure is similar as other OBDSTAR tablets, just use specific flash file.

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