Autel IM608 Nissan Qashqai J10 Car Not Start Solution

Here comes the problem:

Tried to add a new knob-style smart key to a Nissan Qashqai J10 from 2014 using Autel IM608. The car died, no start just i-key system fault and a red car with a key on the dashboard.
BCM is number is 284b2-br02c, it is not on the blacklist.
What is the solution?

Nissan Qashqai J10 Key


Here is the user solution:

The car is working again, and 2 keys are learned. (Nissan Qashqai J10 2014)

This car has the old type keyless system with the black keys, so it cannot be bricked.

The solution is: (with Autel IM608)
0. keep the battery over 12V
1. remove the battery from the keyfobs
2. at the Immo status scan, chose Immo learning, then Blade Key learning
3. when the steps appear on the screen, turn the ignition to LOCK position, remove the key and OPEN and CLOSE the driver door
4. do the steps and the car will learn all the keys
5. put back the batteries into the fobs, and learn the smart remotes separately.

These steps are missing from the guide:
Turn the ignition to LOCK position. Remove the key. Open and close the driver door.



Some more tips on Nissan Qashqai J10 key programming: 

Qashqai J10 is not the same as 4A smart key system cars like Qashqai J11. These cars do not have the same problem, as the later version.

Since the J10 is the old version 2006/2007 and up to 2014. Standard key and keyless twist knob.


When keyless twist knob, program chip first and then keyless part.

Important that the key is programmed in the right direction.
Nissan Logo needs to be UP, when placing the key in the ignition.
And then turn, when doing the sequence.

Also bare in mind that when doing the key programming process, when told to switch ignition off, ensure you fully turn ignition off.
If yours has a small push button on the ignition unit, when turning off you must press this button and it turns a little more its then fully off, failing to do this where this is fitted will result in failure.


If car died and cannot be recovered by Autel IM608,  try online programming with Launch X431.  Might solve the problem.

Online program fix with X431 helped me out twice, on the same type of car.

(Did not use it with Key programming, only afterwards).