CG FC200 vs Xhorse Multi Prog

Xhorse Multi Prog and CG FC200 programmer which is better? Let’s compare Multi-prog against FC200 from CGDI company.


Let’s compare only the software from programmers. We will go to all this functionality from ECU and TCU reading and writing.

What is the difference between Multi prog and FC200? Check below.

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 1

FC200 cannot use the keyboard, when you try to pull up down, it doesn’t react you can use only the mouse.
If you work with multiprog, you don’t have this problem. You can go with a keyboard and this is really a plus.
This is one minus for FC200.

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 2

Here is a minus for multi prog. When you select ECU, this menu should be arranged in the alphabetical order from A to Z. For example you select Audi, then you have Porsche, it is not logical.

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 3

But you will find for yourself the Multi prog searching button works great.
for example, if we search simos, it searchs is very good.

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 4

4). with multi prog you can do update online.

It also possible to make a firmware update. It is not like old vvdi prog, we don’t lose the time anymore.

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 5

Both of them support lots of ECUs.
We notice that on vvdi multi prog you have more ECUs compared with FC200, like DCM3.5 DCM6.2A, DCM6.2C, DCM7.1A, DCM7.1B, Valeo V56.x SID807 etc
But fc200 is better on VAG and VVDI better on Peugeot. Fiat also has a quite big list on the multi prog.
We have some ECUs on the FC200 that cannot find on the multi prog, i.e
GPEC2, GPEC3, Bosch-Valeo J34P, Bosch DCU17PC42 etc.
VVDI covers these ECUs 6F3, 6JF, 8F2, 8GSF, 9DF, 9GF etc that

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 6

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 8
6). When you select BMW ECUs brands in FC200, you directly select ECUs
in Multi prog, you can also select BMW series.

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 7

When comes to Opel, we have a lot of bench ECUs in FC200, we have only 1 Delphi DCM3.7AP.
in Multi prog we have Merelli ECUs, that is another difference.

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 10

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 11

8).Then come to Mercedes.
in FC200 all of Merceds work, it does not have issues.
Only one ECU couldn’t find in multi prog is Delphi CRD 11.
Except that there is no difference between both of them.

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 12

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 13

On Renault ECUs, we do have a few differences and the vvdi is clearly the winner.
FC200 Renault ECU list is short, vvdi has many Renault ECUs.
Xhorse Multi prog has many Continental ECUs SID301, SID205, SID306, SID309, EMS3134, S3000
Modules-XC164CS what DC200 does not have it.

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 14

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 15

Let’s move to Asiscan cars.

Mazda, Honda, Toyota ECUs we could not find differences.

Nissan uses lot of Renaut engines, so multi prog has more Nissan ECUs.
Multi prog has a few Denso generation ECU that FC200 does not have.

Also on Continental ECUs we have 3 ECUs that we couldn’t find on FC200.
This is a plus for Multi prog.

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 16

Move to Korean Kia Hyundai, they will have similar types of ECUs.
FC200 supports SIM240, SIM2K341 TCU, multi prog does not, so FC200 is the winner.

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 17
Let’s go to the American brands.
Start with Ford. We find 3 types of ECUs what FC200 does not have, DCM3.5, DCM6.1, SID209, Bosch DCU17PC43.

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 18
Let’s check GM Caddilac, they work similarly, we don’t find any difference.
On Cheverolety will be also the similar functionality.
Let’s check Chrysler, FC200 we have GPEC2, GPEC2A, GPEC3, we cannot find these on Multi prog.
FC200 also supports Bosch ME2.8.1 ECUs that multi prog does not have.

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 19
Then we jump to the Gearbox TCU part.
For example, on VAG, we find differences. FC200 supports ZF-8HP gearbox (8HP50, 8HP70, 8HP75, 8HP90)
While Multi prog supports DQ380, 381, DQ500, DQ501Gen2, VL381, 8HP45/55/65 TCUs.
They cover different TCUs.
Multi prog covers more DQ TCUs, it is another plus.

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 20

Let’s check BMW TCUs.
Most TCUs are the same, they support different TCUs as the image shows.
VVDI has one more type of BMW TCUs.

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 21

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 22
Jump to PSA, we notice that FC200 has ZF-9HP TCU.

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 23

Xhorse Multi Prog Vs Cg Fc200 24

Let’s check Mercedes, There is great advantage for fc200 for mercedes benz.
The vgs-nag3 9g tronic that vvdi multiprog doesn’t have.
We hope it gets added in future updates to vvdi.


Multi prog has script function, that’s a big bonus function. You can make your own scripts. Xhorse will also add built-in scripts in the feature.


14). Multi prog has no subscription fee. It has lifetime free update.

FC200 does. FC200 every year you should buy the license ($200 per year).


15). Both of them can read VAG MQB48 NEC35XX immo data and correct mileage.


Xhorse Multi-Prog is the best especially when you have an option of reading chips and MCU’s and also be able to read immo data. You need both tools and more in case one failed.