OBDSTAR DC706 vs Foxflash

Question: I already own foxflash. I’m close to purchasing OBDSTAR DC706, Does this make sense?

Foxflash Vs Obdstar Dc706

Foxflash is not bad. Decent coverage. Cheap enough to take a punt on.
The DC706 is supposed to be a clone of the IO Terminal software in a standalone.  Foxflash is a clone of DFB.

How do they compare?

Each tool has its pros and cons.

Foxflash has decent coverage, it will do cars, motors and agriculture/trucks ECU and covers more gearbox TCUs than DC706.

Foxflash will correct checksum automatically most of the time.

It also has VR reading.  Foxflash team will manually unlock GPEC2/3/4 files to edit with hptuners.

On a side note, foxflash does not need an annual subscription.

->>>check foxflash complete test list


OBDSTAR DC706 is good at cloning. It is really good on clone GM ACDelco ECMs/PCMs.  DC706 reads and writes (clones) ECUs, modules etc. Most of the stuff does work. It doesn’t calculate CHECKSUMS !!! So no good for tuning unless you have external checksum calculator.

You will be impressed with the DC706’s cloning capabilities for ECM, TCM, and BCM units. It saves so much time when replacing Ford BCM to just clone it or cloning those Global A ECM that are getting difficult to get new.

The tool has paid for itself many times over. They are updating constantly adding new features or modules. Pretty good machine to be fair.

After the one-year free upgrade expires, for end users, the annual fee for the dc706 full version is USD249. Update are fairly priced.

Sometimes software update has bugs, but all tools do that, no exception. They are quick to sort the issues. As a rule the updates do solve issues.

Very capable machine. There’s an extra or two you might want to buy as well.

It’s not a silver bullet to do all units with every feature. No tool is that way. You need to find out exactly what cars and exactly what functions you need and buy specific tool.

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I now prefer the DC706 as it’s fully independent /portable but I also like fc-200.. once additional pcms are added to dc706, it will be hard to go to fc-200.

No one tool does it all but it’s good for what it does.


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