CG FC200 and OBDSTAR DC706 which is a better programmer?


First of all, check table comparison below:


Dc706 Obdstar

CG FC200


Package ECU, BCM/Other and TCU pack

Single module pack

Two module pack

Full pack

Standard pack (full)
Operation Mode OBD, Bench, Boot OBD, Bench, Boot
Standalone Yes Need to drag a PC
Software language English English  (French, Spanish,

Polish, Turkish, Chinese need authorization)

ECU Search Search ecu by ecu number,

car brand


Search ecu by bosch ecu number,

car brand


Supported ECU types Bosch, magneti marelli, continental,denso, Delco, Temic or siemens Bosch mainly
Function Read ECU info, R/W Eeprom/Dflash/Pflash/MAP, reset ECU(Virgin), calibrate mileage, read IMMO pincode, ECU recovery, Read ISN, Read PIN read and write ECU/TCU, read and write ISN, module clone, data processing, modify VIN
Module clone Yes Yes
Motorcycle ECU Yes No
Update Frequency free update in machine

1 year free update


is $249/ year (for full version)


Free update online

1 year free update


is $200/ year


IMMO Off No VAG MEDC17xx immo off
Modify VIN No Yes
Read BMW ISN Yes
Read IMMO pin code Yes No
Checksum correction No Can calculate checksum online

as long as the subscription is



Adapters Separate adapters for TCM, ECU and BCM A set of solder free adapters for BMW ECU/DMEs
Wiring diagram Within tablet In software




In sum:

Each tool has its strength and weakness. OBDSTAR DC706 is standalone. It has good coverage.  The monthly updates are great as they are adding many new modules all the time.

It is so easy to set up and go. The instructions are top notch, they use real pictures of the ecu and pin out diagrams are very clear, and then they even give you step by step instructions on how to do the job.

DC706 is the best for GM Delco ECUs. Even Motorsport Flex didn’t work on some of these BCMs. Its well worth the purchase. The downside is that it won’t do checksum correction.

FC200 is user-friendly. Software is simple, clean and easy to use.  You have the ECU’s and they tell you whether you can read them in obd, bench or boot and functions read/writer dflash, pflash, password etc. It tells you the capability for that ecu. It also gets a bunch of pins and each pins got its different size to fit on these pins.

But it mostly does Bosch ECU and some siemens old ECUs and only some BMW ECU has OBD. Don’t have a lot of Japanese ECUs (siemens or denso ecus)

Some prefer DC706 as it’s fully independent /portable but also like fc-200.. once additional pcms are added to dc706, it will be hard to go to fc-200.



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