Free Download Nissan Consult 3 Plus V82.50 for J2534

This is the version of Nissan CONSULT III plus which is working with J2534 PassThru API 04.04.
From 83.xx versions – API 05.00.


Free download

CONSULT III+ 82.50.00

Support Passthru 04.04 : Scanmatik 2 Pro, Openport 2.0, Autel Maxiflash VCI j2534 , Mongoose , GM MDI , Ford VCM2, godiag j2534

Free to test with other j2534 devices vas5054a, vxdiag, scanmatik 2 pro etc.

In all versions j2534 is limited and for newer versions then 82.5 you need a passthru interface to support the SAE J2534 API Version 05.00 or it will not work.

Nissan Consult Iii Plus V82.50 Software 1 Nissan Consult Iii Plus V82.50 Software 2 Nissan Consult Iii Plus V82.50 Software 3 Nissan Consult Iii Plus V82.50 Software 4

Require a registry patch and a “DiagnosticTool.ini” files in order to get a J2534 passthru device working with this C3P.

If using a maxiflash JVCI interface, Maxi PC Suite must be installed for this maxiflash JVCI ofc.


Check the configuration as following (also attached older V75.15 version Consult3 software).

How to Configure Nissan Consult III+ with Passthru Devices?


Passthru j2534 is not good for programming.

The best clone device for Nissan programming will be the VNCI RNM device (Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi 3 in 1). It is compatible with original drivers and OEM software.

VNCI Nissan also comes with the built-in immobilizer card that supports Nissan 22/28/32 bit immo code calculation.






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