OTOFIX D1 Scanner Review Pros and Cons

OTOFIX D1 diagnostic scanner can scan and clear fault codes, display data parameters for any control unit that has any to display, perform system tests (such as cycling fans, fuel pump, individual ABS circuits, putting an electronic parking brake into maintenance mode for pad replacement, etc), change vehicle settings that aren’t normally accessible (such as warnings, light delays, etc), it can do relearn procedures, you name it.

The diagnostic device promises not only bi-directional car diagnosis, but also over 38 service functions, OE-level all-system diagnosis, ECU coding as well as support for CAN FD & DoIP and FCA SGW. It therefore offers a comprehensive range of services with which you can take a lot of things into your own hands.


Here comes the review of OTOFIX D1, pros and cons.

As for the scan tool itself… Everything comes in a nice sturdy plastic case, with a retention strap for the tablet. As expected, it’s basically a standard Android tablet, but with work clothes. It wears a very nice molded rubberized heavy duty shell/surround that is it’s case. Screen is clear, resolution is acceptable for what it does, and touch response is good.

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The tablet, very nicely processed with an integrated camera. Perfect for spontaneously taking photos/videos in the engine compartment or on the body, taking photos of serial numbers and being able to quickly search for components etc. on the internet. There is also edge/fall protection around the tablet, which makes it even easier to hold the tablet.


Connecting to the vehicle is wonderfully simple, just plug the VCI into the OBD2 port (the VCI even has a built in little flashlight to help find it!!!! Who thinks of that?! Brilliant!), no cords to trip over, and the diagnostic app automatically connects to it once started. With most newer vehicles, you can use the Auto ID function to automatically pull the VIN, and if the vehicle is too old to do that, you can easily sort through the list of brands to find it. Scrolling/tapping through the various menus takes a few seconds to understand, but it’s easy to learn. When you first start to use the scanner, make sure to be close to a good Wifi connection, or use your phone’s mobile hotspot, and register the scanner.

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As far as actual work, I have used the scan tool several times already and have barely owned it a week. I work at a dealership, and it has been very handy for scanning vehicles outside of the brand I work for. My work laptop with the OE diag software was down for a couple days, so the Otofix D1 subbed in for it. I used to test the EVAP purge valve on a Lexus LS460, and determined it was defective. I used it to retract the electronic parking brake on a Honda CRV to replace it’s rear brakes. I did a full system scan on a Toyota Sienna for a customer who just purchased it to ensure a clean bill of health.



  • -The tablet has an integrated battery
  • -The operating system runs very smoothly and quickly, better than some smartphones
  • -The device has a lot of common car brands that you know and even car brands from them You’ve never heard of something like the car brand PROTON, but they all exist and can be used read out
  • -You really have a lot of choice with this device
  • – After purchasing and registering, you have 2 years of free updates, which is very quick the device, after the two years you can extend the subscription, which then costs less than €50. The investment is worth it, as new models are constantly coming onto the market and the device is on the current status remains.
  • -The updates were completed within 10 minutes after registration
  • -Reading the vehicle is quick and reads every control unit that is integrated in the vehicle
  • -Operating system is preinstalled I could write a lot more about the device in terms of menu, readout, diagnosis or setting options for vehicles.
  • Regular software updates keep the device up to date to ensure compatibility with new vehicle models and software versions.
  • -Support CAN FD & DoIP, FCA SGW and compatibility with modern vehicle technologies is a crucial factor in the effectiveness of this diagnostic device.–
  • The OBD2 dongle will sound an alert of it’s left plugged in, so don’t worry about leaving it in a car.
  • This tool allows you to do professional level diagnostics and even allows you to generate very professional reports if you need to submit these to your customers.
  • – compatible with BT1 lite battery tester



  • It’s a tiny bit slower than the full size Autel scan tools, but the cost and size of this tool is just right
  • I would change is having some sort of clip to install a lanyard on the VCI so it’s not left plugged into the car.
  • Zero instructions other than how to connect the OBD2 interface to Bluetooth on the tablet.
  • Device does have bi directional controls but very limited diagnostic functions.
  • The battery seems to last a fairly long time, but may need to be recharged if used most of the day.




This OTOFIX D1 diagnostic scan tool is an excellent bang for your buck.  It’s the perfect choice for any level of technician. Whether it be the new guy just starting out who needs to have their own scan tool but is on a tight budget; the experienced technician that wants a “full feature” scan tool for dealership or independent shop work and doesn’t want to spend thousands on a popular brand, or wants something to be able to use at home; or the DIY hobbyist car guy or gal who does the majority of their own car repairs at home and refuses to take it to a shop for stuff they know they can do at home.

It can do almost everything the big name expensive scanners can do, and is a perfect choice for someone on a tight budget.

It’s easy to use and performs quick enough.  The device is robust, makes a high-quality overall impression and offers comprehensive performance. It is easy to use and has a wide range of features essential for advanced diagnostic and repair work. 

If you need a full function bi-directional scan tool on a budget, the Otofix D1 is an excellent choice.